The Reefton Goldfield: A Journey of Gold, History, and Sustainability

May 15, 2024 | Mining Stocks

RUA GOLD is reviving New Zealand’s historic Reefton Goldfield through sustainable and innovative exploration, blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge technologies to uncover significant gold deposits.

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, the Reefton Goldfield is a site of historical significance and modern potential. Since the first discovery of gold in 1872, this region has been a focal point of gold mining activities, contributing significantly to New Zealand’s gold production. Today, RUA GOLD stands at the forefront of reviving and advancing this legacy through responsible and innovative exploration practices.

The Historical Significance of Reefton Goldfield

Historical mining in the Reefton Goldfield began in the late 19th century, driven by the gold rush era’s fervor. From 1872 until the mid-20th century, the region produced an impressive 2 million ounces of gold, primarily from high-grade underground operations in orogenic quartz vein systems. The most notable operation during this period was the Blackwater mine at Waiuta. This mine, reaching depths of 700 meters, was a significant contributor to the gold yield until its shaft collapsed in 1951. Today, the legacy of these early miners is preserved as Federation Mining undertakes the ambitious project of reopening the Blackwater mine, continuing where the previous operations ceased.

Modern Exploration with RUA GOLD

RUA GOLD holds the Capleston permit, strategically located east of Reefton. This permit encompasses several promising prospects, including Capleston, Murray Creek, Ajax Area, and Crushington. Among the exciting advancements in recent years is the discovery of the Pactolus quartz vein, a greenfields discovery that has revealed high-grade gold through extensive sampling and assays.

RUA GOLD’s approach combines traditional prospecting techniques with cutting-edge technologies in geology, geochemistry, and geophysical exploration. This blend of old and new ensures that while we uncover the potential of these historic lands, we do so with a keen eye on sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

Geological Overview

The Reefton Goldfield is geologically significant, hosted entirely within Ordovician-age rocks of the Greenland Group. This group comprises greenschist facies metamorphosed alternating strata of greywacke and argillite sedimentary rocks. The Greenland Group forms a 35km long by 15km wide north-northeast trending belt of rocks in the Reefton area. The region is bounded to the north and east by granitic plutons of the Karamea, Rahu, and Separation Point batholiths, while its southern and western margins are typically obscured by Tertiary sediments and Quaternary gravels.

Interestingly, the gold-bearing Greenland Group in New Zealand was once contiguous with the Lachlan Fold Belt in Victoria, Australia, which hosts significant goldfields such as Ballarat-Bendigo and the Fosterville mine. This geological connection underscores the rich potential of the Reefton Goldfield and its importance in the broader context of Australasian gold mining.

Commitment to Sustainable Exploration

At RUA GOLD, our commitment to responsible and sustainable exploration is paramount. Our professional planning and execution ensure that our operations have minimal environmental impact. We believe that our efforts should not only benefit our stakeholders but also preserve the ecological and historical integrity of the regions we operate in.

The Experienced Team

The strength of RUA GOLD lies in its team of highly skilled professionals, including geologists, geochemists, and geophysical exploration experts. Our board and management team bring a wealth of experience and dedication to advancing our projects and achieving our goals.

  • Oliver Lennox-King: Chairman, bringing a wealth of industry experience.
  • Robert Eckford: CEO & Director, leading with strategic vision and operational expertise.
  • Simon Henderson: COO & Director, overseeing the technical and operational aspects.
  • Zeenat Lokhandwala: CFO & Corporate Secretary, managing financial and corporate governance.
  • Mario Vetro: Director, providing valuable insights and guidance.
  • Paul Criddle: Director, contributing his extensive industry knowledge.
  • Tyron Breytenbach: Director, adding strategic direction and expertise.


RUA GOLD is dedicated to advancing the legacy of the Reefton Goldfield through modern, sustainable, and responsible exploration. By combining traditional practices with innovative technologies, we are uncovering the hidden potential of these historic lands and paving the way for a bright future in gold mining. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and our skilled team are the pillars of our success as we continue to explore and capitalize on valuable gold deposits in New Zealand.

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