RTD ‘Scary George’ Silver Collector’s Round (1 oz.)

RTD ‘Scary George’ Silver Collector’s Round (1 oz.)


Rethinking the Dollar in selling the Limited Edition “Scary George” YouTube poured silver round.

Each round will be poured with .999 fine silver. Each round includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

The front of the round looks like a pressed version of the Rethinking the Dollar logo. George Washington is in the middle with shock on his face and his hands on his forehead, and mouth wide-open; obviously showing shock of what the Federal Reserve has been up to over the last several decades. The words United States Federal Reserve System outline George Washington.

The back of the round is stamped with a YouTube video and/or the MK Barz skull logo. The weight and size of this silver round is also stamped on the back.

Act now to pick up one of this Limited Edition Rethinking The Dollar Silver YouTube round!



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