The Political Drama Unfolding in Nigeria and Its International Implications

Aug 1, 2023 | Uncategorized


In recent weeks, Nigeria has been gripped by a political drama with far-reaching international implications. The country’s president, Bazzoon, was ousted in a coup that has sparked tensions between Nigeria and France. As the situation unfolds, there have been attacks on French interests, including the French embassy in Miami. This article will delve into the underlying factors that triggered the coup, the strained relations between Nigeria and France, and the potential global ramifications of this unfolding soap opera.

The Trigger: Jihadi Violence and Presidential Failure

One of the main factors believed to have triggered the coup in Nigeria is the escalating Jihadi violence and President Bazzoon’s failure to effectively secure the nation. This has raised concerns about the safety and stability of the country. While the mainstream media has reported on these issues, there are speculations that there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

In a recent video, Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ahmadu Diallo, claimed that he was given a 48-hour ultimatum by the military to explain the missing finances and stolen money of the country. Shockingly, he was threatened with execution by a firing squad if he failed to comply. This revelation, however, was not widely reported in the mainstream media, raising questions about what else might be happening behind the scenes.

The Strained Relations with France

The coup in Nigeria has strained relations between the country and France. France has condemned the coup and demanded that President Bazzoon be reinstated. In response, the coup supporters have gone as far as attacking French interests, including the French embassy in Miami. This escalation has further complicated the situation and contributed to the growing tensions.

Adding to the strain, Nigeria, known as the seventh-largest uranium producer in the world, has suspended exports of uranium and gold to France. The junta currently in power has also engaged in anti-French rhetoric. These actions have significant implications, as France heavily relies on Nigeria for 15% of its uranium needs. The disruption caused by the coup is affecting nuclear power companies and has raised concerns about energy security.

Possible French Military Intervention and Suspicions Surrounding the US

Rumors of possible French military intervention in Nigeria have emerged, further escalating tensions between the two countries. In response, both sides have been exchanging threats and warnings, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. However, skepticism surrounding the situation is growing, with suspicions that the US may have had a hand in training the coup leader. These suspicions contribute to the complexity of the political landscape and add another layer of uncertainty to the unfolding drama.

The Geopolitical Ramifications and Regional Relations

Speculation is arising about possible motivations behind the coup, including payback from globalists due to France’s recent statements about dumping the dollar and attending the BRICS summit. This geopolitical situation has led to a captivating soap opera, with potential implications for global power dynamics. Additionally, there is a growing influence of Russia in Africa, including Nigeria, as African countries look to form strategic partnerships to break free from Western and European colonizers. This complex web of relationships and power dynamics is shaping the regional relations within the ECOWAS bloc and has the potential to ignite an African revolution.


The unfolding events in Nigeria have captivated the world’s attention, with the country’s political drama having far-reaching international implications. The coup, triggered by Jihadi violence and concerns about the president’s failure to secure the nation, has strained relations with France and caused disruptions to the energy sector. Suspicions surrounding the involvement of the US and possible motivations behind the coup add to the complexity of the situation. As Nigeria’s soap opera plays out, the world watches with interest, all while hoping for a resolution that secures stability, peace, and justice for the Nigerian people.


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