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Admittedly, this was difficult for me and many others to come to terms with. But we don’t choose the president, they are selected by the Federal Reserve, and there are reasons why Donald Trump was chosen over Hillary in 2016, and one that should be obvious by now.

It does us no good to reject truth just because we don’t like it. Politicians are puppets to the central banks. The system is rigged, and there’s no way the Federal Reserve would have “allowed” Trump to win if they didn’t already know they could control him. Like it or not, he’s destroyed the dollar, which ironically, is the goal of the Federal Reserve since it was created over a century ago. Their goal is economic destruction so they can usher in a fully centralized slave system of an unbacked digital dollar.

But that’s just one reason the Fed made sure Trump won. He wouldn’t have gotten the nomination if he wasn’t going to play into the hands of the Federal Reserve. Hillary would have done this as well, and maybe more effectively. But the real reason Trump won will likely trigger a lot of people:

Trump won to pacify those getting upset with Barack Obama. This neutered any resistance to the Fed’s plans by making people believe that Trump was going to be their savior. Not many so-called Patriots are fighting the tyranny right now because they are waiting for the all mighty Trump to save them.

Again, facts are facts even if you dislike them. And the fact is, this country is far more tyrannical under Trump than it ever was under Obama. Does that mean I support Obama? Nope. Does that mean I think Biden is better than Trump? Nope. Don’t put words in my mouth or make assumptions. It means the system is rigged and I am no longer participating in it as a pawn in the elitists’ games.

A great video putting most of this together was done by Richie From Boston. If you get triggered by facts about the left/right paradigm easily, don’t watch this video. (It starts at 2:05 after Richie explains his giveaway.) If you want to know the truth, here it is:

The evidence is there if you are willing to see it. Those still asleep may not wake up in time, however. Things are going to get ugly over this election, it’s already been promised to us by the elites.

They have made sure that by Trump’s election in 2016, there’s no resistance to their plans because Trump is the one instituting the totalitarianism. Everyone who used to voice that they wanted real true freedom has silenced themselves since Trump’s election. That’s not a coincidence and not an accident.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” It’s extremely difficult to wake up and realize you have been lied to and manipulated for your entire life. But it’s imperative if you ever expect to experience freedom.

by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

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  1. Garrett Young

    Remove yourself from the Federal territories, and move to the republic goverment jurisdiction. It was decided in 1901 there is two forms of goverment operating. One under the constitution, which only has 13 amendments. The second form of goverment, they call a democracy turning into a dictatorship. After the 12th amendment the Corporate constitution for the US Inc has been changed to favor the bankers and lawyers.
    US CITIZENs are debt slaves by the way of dead fictions/ corporations/ Federal personnel/ and property all at once of the US Inc.. The US CITIZENs live in a goverment ran by congress (bought and paid for by the bankers). American citizens (State citizens and American nationals) do not live under these same rules called statutes, codes and ordances. Leave the corporate US Inc by rescinding all of the contrcats that make you a US CITIZEN.
    More info at https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/correct-your-status and at

    American national

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