Why Rethinking the Dollar?

Jun 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

The greatest mystery of the 21st century in my opinion is the “Dollar”. This piece of paper has been one of the main focal points of every citizen in the United States and abroad but we know so little about it. Sure it says “This note is legal tender…” but what does that really mean? At the top of it says Federal Reserve Note but what does that mean?

The dollar is one of the biggest mysteries that no one bothers to ask questions about. Even in school I can’t recall a single clear explanation given about money or better yet, “What is Money?” This website is designed for the sole purpose of examining the dollar in greater detail and it’s role in society for the last hundred years as of this year. I must admit that my studies have left me amazed at what has been left out of public knowledge or the education system deliberately.

Rethinking the dollar is a educational journey through the monetary system in America and the effects a single piece of paper have had on this entire planet. If I perform my job correctly you will leave this site reevaluating or rethinking what you have been told or what conventional wisdom has passed on as truth about what we have come to know of the dollar.

Welcome to Rethinking the Dollar and may the truth you receive here set you free…



Five Reasons to Rethink the Dollar

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