What’s Happening in UK Bond Market and Why Investors Should Pay Attention

Jun 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

The UK Bond Market has been in free fall, causing concern among investors and economists. Recent turmoil in the bond market has resulted in levels plummeting, with yields on two-year notes reaching the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. This has led to market instability, with the Bank of England hiking interest rates to fight inflation and additional factors contributing to the distress. Megan Greene’s comments about the danger of persistent inflation have added fuel to the fire. In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to this turmoil and the importance of paying attention to events as they unfold.

The Bank of England’s Interest Rates Hike

The Bank of England’s interest rate hikes are the most significant reason for the free fall in the bond market. The market believes that the Bank of England will continue to hike interest rates to fight inflation, which currently stands at 2.5%. The odds point towards a 6% hike by February, with investors becoming nervous as the Bank of England implements these measures to keep in check the rising inflation. Coupled with the Bank of England’s assurance that the hike won’t be reversed or paused, investors are starting to see this as a significant hit to their wealth and future investments.

Inflation and Employment Figures

Another contributor to the current market distress is the recent surge in wages and an unexpected drop in unemployment cases. The market sees these as signs that inflation is here to stay, and the Bank of England will continue to fight it. This made the demand for bonds lower, causing the bond market prices to decline. As inflation continues to rise, bond prices will keep going down, contributing to the market’s distress.

Megan Greene’s Comments about Persistent Inflation Danger

Megan Greene’s appointment as a rate setter at the Bank of England has been controversial, with her comments about persistent inflation adding to investor’s distress. Megan Greene has been vocal about her concerns over long-term inflation, arguing that high inflation, over a prolonged period, poses a severe risk to the economy. She has voiced her disagreement about the Bank of England’s expectations that inflation will settle over the long term, and if her warnings prove to be valid, they could lead to investors losing confidence in the bank and the broader economy.


The current distress in the UK bond market is a warning to investors to pay attention to events as they unfold. This turbulent market is a clear indication that the sovereign debt crisis is not isolated to one country, but rather, it’s a global concern. With the Bank of England’s rate hikes, inflation rates, and comments from Megan Greene, it’s crucial for investors to be cautious of the market as they navigate through tough times. The UK debt markets provide investors with useful indicators of underlying economic conditions and how markets perceive the risks to the economy. Despite the challenges, the UK economy remains fundamentally strong, and with a long-term view, investors can survive the current market distress.


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