Wall of Fame

A Special Thanks To All The RTD Supporters...

The Rethinking the Dollar channel is designed to help the viewers improve their monetary and financial literacy. The goal is to provide high quality educational interviews, news reports and livestreams that everyone can benefit from. 

The Wall of Fame is to celebrate those that see value in the content and are able to provide financial support to the channel. No gift is to small and goes along way to help fund the operations for this small independent media outlet. 

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Darius A.


Wade W.

Dina D.

Shirley D.

Lawrence L.

Gregory S.

Michael D.

James R.

Resident A.


Morris L.



Wayne V.

Petro M.

Alan C.

Annisa S.

Frederick F.

Jamika R.

Dennis M.


Gold is Money

BC Matrix


Kimitha M.

Federico B.

Avacado J.

Jon H.

Keenan H.

Michael M.

Carol B.