Uncovering Financial Security: Insights from Paul Stone on Precious Metals and the Future of Currency

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Yesterday’s RTD Q&A was packed with insights and thought-provoking discussions as we welcomed Paul Stone, the CEO and founder of Colonials Metals Group. Our conversation delved into the intricacies of the current market activity, the strategic importance of precious metals, and how individuals can fortify their retirement portfolios in these unpredictable times. With the backdrop of the presidential debate, our discussion naturally gravitated towards the pressing issues that are often overlooked in mainstream discourse.

Presidential Debate and the Future of Monetary Policy

The presidential debate, a hot topic due to its implications on the future of the country, set the stage for our conversation. Despite the noise and rhetoric surrounding the candidates, one critical subject remains conspicuously absent from their discussions: gold and silver. Paul Stone emphasized the stark contrast between the candidates, particularly highlighting the business acumen and competitive nature of Donald Trump versus the long-standing political careers of figures like Joe Biden.

“Trump represents a competitive spirit, having navigated the high-stakes world of real estate,” Paul remarked. “In contrast, Biden’s career, like many politicians, has thrived in a system where longevity, not competition, is key.”

The Allure and Risks of Digital Assets

Our discussion also touched on the growing fascination with digital assets, notably Bitcoin. While President Trump has shown a newfound interest in Bitcoin, even considering initiatives to support domestic mining, Biden’s administration appears more cautious, assembling teams to study its implications.

Paul’s perspective on Bitcoin was clear: “The original allure of Bitcoin was its autonomy and privacy. However, its volatility and the potential for a federally issued cryptocurrency (CBDC) pose significant challenges. Unlike gold and silver, Bitcoin’s role as a stable, everyday currency remains uncertain.”

CBDCs: A Double-Edged Sword

The conversation turned to the potential dangers of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). Paul warned of the unprecedented control they could grant the government over individual transactions, potentially curbing personal freedoms and privacy.

“Imagine a scenario where the government can approve or decline transactions in real-time,” Paul cautioned. “Such control could lead to executive orders that restrict purchases, like ammo or weaponry, directly at the point of sale.”

States’ Rights and Sound Money Movements

Encouragingly, several states are pushing back against federal overreach. States like North Carolina are considering legislation to ban CBDCs, aiming to preserve financial autonomy. Furthermore, the Sound Money Defense League is advocating for state treasuries to protect their funds with gold and silver, a movement gaining traction as more states eliminate taxes on precious metals.

“These efforts reflect a broader desire to reclaim financial sovereignty,” Paul noted. “Sound money initiatives are crucial in a time when the federal government’s monetary policies are increasingly erratic.”

The Urgency of Precious Metals

The session underscored the critical importance of diversifying into precious metals. With federal debt skyrocketing and the value of the dollar plummeting, gold and silver offer a tangible store of value. Paul explained how individuals can utilize self-directed IRAs to safeguard their wealth with physical assets, free from the volatility of digital currencies and the risks of a centralized digital dollar.

“In times of financial uncertainty, gold and silver are not just investments; they are lifeboats,” Paul asserted. “They provide a bridge over the chasm of economic turmoil, ensuring that your wealth remains intact regardless of market conditions.”


As the presidential debate rages on, it’s crucial to look beyond the headlines and consider the real issues at stake. The RTD Q&A with Paul Stone highlighted the strategic importance of precious metals and the potential risks posed by digital currencies and federal overreach. By staying informed and proactive, individuals can take steps to secure their financial future in these unpredictable times.

For more information on how to protect your assets with precious metals, visit Colonial Metals Group and explore the benefits of self-directed IRAs.

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