U.S. To Be World’s Leper Colony As R.O.W. Bugs-Out To China’s Coronavirus-Free Ghost Cities?

Mar 4, 2020 | Economy, World News

Yesterday a random thought came to mind, so you might want to grab your tin foil hat for a second.

Here’s the thought: People will flee from coronavirus plagued areas to China, subject to strict quarantine and testing before admittance, of course, and those bugging-out will populate China’s ghost cities, all the while China turns its attention inward and cuts-off the United States from the rest of the world.

Currently, the United States depends on China for many of the goods we need and want.

Currently, China depends on the United States for supplying China with physical gold as fast, cheap and efficient as possible.

Currently, the Rest of World depends on the United States to blow things up and kill people.

Currently, the Rest of World doesn’t depend on China to quite the extent that the United States does, but when The Great Bug-Out takes place, China will become the Land of the (Virus) Free and the Home of the Obedient.

Given all of that, the United States gets colonized by China in order to get those goods we no longer produce nor have the talent to figure out how to produce again, and the world gets its Leper Colony, where the now Covid-19 carriers roam, and later the Covid-20 and Covid-21 carriers can roam, not unlike the Proles, and voila!

Meet the world’s new Superpower.

Same as the old, only less artsy and more scientific.

It sounds far-fetched, I know, but there’s a point here: Even if it doesn’t come to this, global trade has been in a state of collapse for a few years, and now the collapse is accelerating.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, because not only is global trade collapsing, but so is global tourism.

Furthermore, nations are becoming hostile to foreign tourists.

I’d like to discuss the global collapse of trade and tourism during today’s Silver Doctors Live, and especially what the collapse in global trade could mean as the weeks and months in this new paradigm go on.

So please do tune-in to our live-stream if you haven’t already.

It’s got a money back guarantee!

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, it doesn’t cost anything to watch Silver Doctors Live, it’s free!”.


And that’s a good thing too, because I’d probably go broke refunding everybody!

The MSM has turned its attention to the silly election.

It began last night with “Super Tuesday”.

Here was some typical coverage, this screenshot taken from CNN:

Oh, how cute.

People actually think politicians of any importance are elected into office.

On second thought, what a shame.

It’s a shame people think our election system is, well, an election system.

It’s not.

It’s a rigged, corrupt, and fraudulent system where one person’s vote doesn’t count, quite literally, because what counts aren’t the votes, but rather, the person counting the votes.

The narratives get shaped because the Deep State Globalists and Globalists always have a few individuals in mind, so the Deep State Globalists and Globalists simply employ the “candidate” which fits the public narrative the best.

Nonetheless, the narrative is being formed.

Here’s a screenshot from Bloomberg this morning:

Now we have three main, “legitimate” “candidates” in Biden, Sanders and Trump, who are all willing Deep State Globalists, comfortable in supporting the team in any way they can.

This also provides a temporary reprieve from the coronavirus, but I don’t think that reprieve lasts even throughout the day.

Just wait until the videos of Americans face-planting on the feces-filled sidewalks of San Francisco begin surfacing.

Perhaps the people will take this coronavirus seriously when that happens?

The Fed’s 0.50% emergency rate cut didn’t sit too well with the stock market:

I wasn’t looking for a V-shaped recovery, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

Translation: Unless you are on the inside and intimately know all of the shadow, market rigging buying and selling of the indexes, futures, call and put options, volatility, and the other tools used to rig the markets, you will get burned.

A few people will be able to escape the flames with minor burns.

Most people will be burned alive.

The VIX is in the mid-30s right now:

We haven’t been under 25 since early last week, although if we get a Biden Bump, I’d expect a quick drop in the VIX.

Yield on the 10-Year Note fell under 1.0% for the first time, ever:

If you favor non-stop market manipulation and intervention by the Fed, then you’re looking for the Fed to cut the FFR another 50 basis points because the 50 we just got ain’t cuttin’ it.

Was that a pun?


It’s been a long time since I’ve told a joke!

Something paradigm changing must be going on in the world, but what could it be?

Oh, yeah.

Human Malware.


That’s what.

The Fed cuts the FFR by 50 basis points yesterday, and the dollar index bounces throughout the night and into this morning:

Because when you’re debasing your unbacked, debt-based fiat currency, why would you not want more of it?

Copper continues to impress:

If it’s true that Dr Copper signals the health of the economy, the signal we’re getting is that the price-inflationary effects of the money printing debauchery over the last twelve years are beginning to take hold.

Crude oil doesn’t store or stockpile like copper does, so I’m not so sure about crude oil right now:

We’ve been talking about the impacts to collapsing global trade for some time, but the impacts of collapsing global tourism will also add to the reduction in the demand for oil.

Platinum has plenty of support if needed:

I’m not of the impression that we totally double bottom, as support zones at $840 and $820 could be tempting entry points for those going long-n-strong.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see palladium tag its 50-day moving average:

Despite all of the market chaos and pandemonium, palladium is still performing as it has been for well over a year, which means repeated trips down to the major moving average all-the-while keeping the general uptrend in tact.

Owners of an ounce of gold may not be able to get 100 ounces of silver with it, but the number is still north of 90:

Perhaps gold needs to break-out and close above $1700 before silver really gets moving?

I do like gold consolidating around $1650:

Gold is showing a fierce bid that will only increase right along with the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

Silver popped yesterday, but the price is still totally awesome for stackers right now:

Any price under $17.50 is a great deal, in my opinion, because the Fed and the US government are going to be pumping out $20’s like crazy, and an ounce of silver, in-hand, can be had for less than that.


Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Wednesday in early March?

Global trade has been collapsing for some time, well before Covid-19.

Now global tourism is collapsing in an abrupt, shocking way.

As the virus spreads out, nations increasingly turn in.

Sealing themselves off from the rest of world.

We are about to see what we can make.

Can production in the USA happen?

What about during a pandemic?

Will goods be on shelves?

Or will there simply.

Be no goods.

We need.



Stack accordingly…

Article written by Paul “Half Dollar” for Silver Doctors


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