Tyrannical Governor Threatens $5,000 Fine And 1 Year In Jail For Not Wearing A Mask In Public

Nov 24, 2020 | Economic Collapse

Instead of encouraging the efficacy of human immunity and lifting the public out from under the mindset of fear and paranoia, governors are…

During a Facebook live stream, the Governor of Hawaii said it “will be required for everyone in the state of Hawaii to wear a mask when they’re in public, period.” Hawaii Governor David Ige told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that noncompliance with his mandatory mask order will be equivalent to a misdemeanor. Anyone caught outside their home without a mask on will be fined up to $5,000 and could serve up to one year in jail.

Governor Ige has essentially become a monarch, creating faux laws out of thin air and threatening people who do not follow them. “This is a significant penalty. It can go on one’s criminal record and impact employment for many years to come, unless they’re cleared and their records are expunged,” Ige said.

Hawaii Governor threatens civil liberties with threat of fines and imprisonment

Governor Ige made his threats public even though there is no law on the books forcing people to wear masks. Even if the Hawaii legislature did pass a mandatory mask bill and Ige were to sign it into law, the courts would be obligated to strike it down as unconstitutional — a violation of civil liberties, informed consent and medical privacy laws. A real mandatory mask law, fully enforced by police, would render all citizens medical slaves, subject to abuse by Big Pharma-controlled state governments that are illegally practicing medicine with no liability. This serious issue is  less about the mask itself, and more about the illegal, tyrannical precedent being set across the United States.

Governor Ige met with the four county mayors in Hawaii to determine a unified set of rules for those seeking exemptions from the mask order. Governor Ige said the mask mandate is now uniform throughout Hawaii and “there will be consistent enforcement.” Essentially, the people of Hawaii and all tourists traveling into the state have lost their right to body autonomy. Citizens of the United States, formerly innocent until proven guilty, are now being accused of harming others with diseases they do not have, and are being stripped of the right to decide their own level of exposure to the air around them! Good ideas don’t require force. (Related: Vitamin D offers significant protection from covid-19, but states won’t dare impose Vitamin D mandates.)

Civil liberties suspended over PCR test that is susceptible to 97 percent false positives

Civil liberties are already suspended for tourists coming into Hawaii and for residents traveling between the islands. Bodily requirements are strictly enforced. Travelers must test negative on the intrusive and fraudulent covid-19 PCR test kits. If not, travelers are forced into isolation for 14 days.

A Portuguese court has ruled that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” Because the covid-19 test kits are highly inaccurate, the court ruled it illegal to suspend the civil liberties of individuals based on this fraudulent test. Regardless, the Hawaii National Guard has been turned against the citizens to track and trace people over the fraudulent results of the PCR test.

The test is the reason case counts remain high, creating a fake pandemic. Furthermore, the psychology of fear is being driven into people’s psyche so they will run to the hospital anytime they feel unwell – drumming up hospitalization rates to further the perceived need for suspended liberties. People are being trained to fear their fever, to skip holiday gatherings, and to isolate when they come into contact with other people who aren’t even sick! All this pandemonium continues, even as the medical system and public health authorities ignore simple strategies to strengthen the immune response of the public, while failing to focus on the underlying disease processes, immune deficiencies, hospital-borne infections, medical malpractice and comorbidities that have always caused people to suffer and die from simple infections.

Instead of encouraging the efficacy of human immunity and lifting the public out from under the mindset of fear and paranoia, governors are becoming tyrants, stressing the livelihoods and immune systems of the public and forcing people to comply with rules not based on facts and trying to shame them into getting vaccinated or accept responsibility for spreading diseases they do not have.

People have a right to self-decision, to breathe freely and judge their own level of exposure. The government is harming people’s lives and stripping them of their rights. Governments are not protecting a single individual by fining and jailing innocent people and gagging others into perpetuity and forcing dependence on drugs and vaccines. It is simply tyranny.

by Lance Johnson via Natural News

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