Trump Boasts On Stock Market Gains As He Announces Re-Start Of Tariffs On China

Dec 2, 2019 | News

Oh yeah, and the greatest economy in American history now has “Holiday Shopping Records” under President Trump…

President Trump took to Twitter on Monday to set some things straight.

A lot of things.

First, let’s start off with what should be common knowledge by now:

You hear that Jerome Powell and the Fed, it’s time to cut & print!

I mean, who needs savings when we have debt, and who needs gold & silver when we have paper?

Let’s kick some Chinese butt while we’re at it:

That’s the taste of 21% more win, and it tastes delicious!

Corrupt, Evil Globalists Chief, Economic Advisors agree:

It may be the greatest economy in American History, but it’s about to be greater!

Of course, I am freely using a heavy dose of sarcasm in my words today.

Because if there’s something that’s truly great, it’s just truly great.

When things are truly great, there’s no need to proclaim it.

Therefore, like everything else in our Orwellian world.

It means that things are actually downright awful.

And things will get even worse from here.

The stock market is at its “greatest”.

Employment is at its “greatest”.

Economy is at its “greatest”.

America at its “greatest”.

Even if that’s true?

Only one way.

From here.

To go.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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