The World ID Concept: Prospects and Concerns

Jul 24, 2023 | Uncategorized


A new concept called “World ID” has emerged, presenting itself as a global financial network and an identity system owned by everyone. This idea proposes a universal basic income and the distribution of tokens to every person on Earth. While the prospects of such a system are enticing, concerns regarding privacy and control have been raised.

1. Signing Up for World ID and Privacy Concerns

To obtain a World ID, individuals are required to sign up for the World Coin, which offers free money as an incentive. However, the process involves visiting “the Ore,” a scanning device that scans an individual’s eyeballs. This method of identification has been deemed creepy by many, and the eventual plan to scan every person on the planet raises concerns about privacy.

2. The Driving Force behind World ID

The driving force behind the World ID concept is Sam Altman, the CEO of openAI and co-founder of the World ID project. Altman envisions a future where artificial intelligence surpasses human abilities and aims to bring everyone together under a unified system. The high sign-up rate of hundreds of thousands of Europeans for World IDs suggests considerable interest in Europe, although the reasons behind this enthusiasm remain uncertain.

3. Implications of Digital Identification

While the success of World Coin is uncertain, the implementation of digital identification on a global scale is becoming increasingly prevalent. Whoever controls this system will wield immense power. The rise of concepts such as CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Digital ID, World ID, and UBI (Universal Basic Income) may contribute to a system that could be seen as digital slavery rather than a means of promoting individual freedom.


The digital revolution is unfolding rapidly, with plans that have the potential to restrict individual freedom, rather than promote it. It is essential to stay informed about these developments happening behind the scenes. The world is changing, and understanding the implications of these ideas is crucial. The World ID concept offers promises and concerns, and it is our responsibility to evaluate its potential impact on society.


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