The World Currency Was Bitcoin All Along – The Economist Cover Was Right (R.A.N.T.)

Jun 13, 2021 | Digital Currency

The digital euphoria has been a controlled experiment all along. The Bankers told us a chosen World Currency was coming in 1988 on the Economist Magazine cover. Now that President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador was ‘allowed’ to start using Bitcoin as a parallel legal tender with the dollar other nations will follow. This event of an adding a new addition to the global stage just happens to be occurring as the world currencies are figuratively burning, just as the image on the cover depicts. 

Now that the world is drowning in over $290T worth of sovereign, corporate and personal debt a rebranding of the monetary system is needed. Since families and local Governments have been so financially oppressed, it is more acceptable for people to want an alternative. Even if it’s all a set up.

People are not really considering how the second pre-planned event of a rebranded national #currency known as a Central Bank Digital Currency will take this revolutionary process to the next level. Now that the world has accepted an alternative in digital form, it will be a lot easier to usher in rebranded versions of national currencies, such as the e-USD, e-Euro and the e-CNY.

This current move towards centrally controlled digital currencies is nothing similar to the open source projects like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The upcoming versions of digital currencies offered by Central Banks will result in the removal of traditional banking with savings and checking accounts. If the Federal Reserve becomes the issuer of currency directly in the hands of the people then what’s the purpose of regular commercial banks? The brick and mortar locations across the world with be phased out one by one as the use of digital wallets become more prevalent.  As of today an overwhelming amount of financial transactions take place on mobile phones using payments services such as CashApp, Venmo and Paypal just to name a few.

This transition away from cash happens to be at the exact same time that abundant currency creation through Quantitative Easing, Special Lending Facilities, and Covid Relief packages have become a necessity. The world will never head back towards any type of sound fiscal/monetary practices. Like the times when you had to first invent or produce something of value for people to purchase.

The Bankers needed a attention getter in order to pull off the greatest heist in human history. This heist consist of selling people on the idea that digital assets (i.e. computer code) has just as much value and use case as precious metals but only better. The main argument that all the technology enthusiast uses is that Bitcoin is permission-less and unconfiscatable.

Now that we are in the beginning phases of this digital revolution the seeds have been sown and more nations will be running right into the trap set for sovereign nations and the public. All this started with a whitepaper and a character known as “Satoshi Nakamoto”. This group or person in my opinion is the reason the World Economic Forum, the evil bastards behind the Great Reset, might be right no schedule for pulling off a digital heist with little to no real resistance.

Some people may think that Bitcoin is the resistance to the Central Banks, but it’s obvious that the banks needed to remove physical cash from the hands of the citizens. They desire to own all tangible wealth and to remove it from the ownership of the public just like they confiscated gold in 1933 and then removed silver from coinage in 1964. The bankers have been stealing from the world in record fashion every 20-30 years right on schedule.

This next heist might just be the final act in their world domination quest. Once paper money vanishes there will be nothing left to steal. Gold and silver are only in the hands of a small few. Paper money is used less and less in daily transactions. Once people let go of going to ATM’s for small amounts of pocket cash then that’s all she wrote.

The sad reality is that there can never be financial sovereignty using computer code. As much as it disappoints me to say, Bitcoin will succeed as the preferred currency of the world. All Governments that have been oppressed by the Central Bankers’ debt fiat trap and they are being lured into not being able to afford to miss out on a piece of the 21 million coins (trillions of fractional satoshi’s). More nations will adopt BTC and in my opinion that’s all by design just as they were instructed. The digital revolution requires compliance and complacency by both the public and the chosen elected officials masquerading around as Politicians.

In order to roll out the next form of digital enslavement, CBDCs, the world must run to Bitcoin and then the curtain will be removed and the world will then see that it was all apart of the plan from the creation of the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island by the now too big to fail banksters.

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