THE ROAD TO RUIN by James Rickards (A Look Inside)

Dec 8, 2016 | Financial Literacy, Monetary Education

Take a journey with me as I scan through the book and pull out a few golden nuggets from cover to cover. If you find it informative and helpful please leave a thumbs up.

In the book, Rickards goes deep into shocking research that shows how governments and elites across the globe have prepared for citizen pushback in the face of financial collapse.

He reveals that they have amassed a pool of hard assets in the instance that stock exchanges were to cease, ATMs be shut off, money market funds put on pause, asset managers will be directly instructed to not sell any of their securities, negative interest rates to be imposed, and all cash withdrawals rejected.

What is left is the “Ice-9” plan of action. The freeze of assets is what governments have outlined as the next course of action in an attempt to “save” the economy. As is highlighted in the Nick Wright’s video, Rickards expands on what Ice-9 will be and how you can best prepare.

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