The Rise of African Leaders: Challenging the Dominance of the US Dollar

Jul 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

Last week, another bank failure highlighted the growing instability in the global banking sector. It is an alarming trend that continues to unfold as banks struggle to remain afloat. Meanwhile, in a significant summit called the African and Russia Summit held in Russia, African presidents found an opportunity to address the issues plaguing their nations. However, the mainstream media downplayed the impact of Russian partnerships in Africa and misrepresented African leaders’ intentions, painting them as running away from Putin, when in reality, they are seeking to distance themselves from the influence of the United States.

The Unspoken Alliances: Africa and Russia

One of the major headlines from the African and Russia Summit was Russia’s decision to withdraw from the Black Sea grain deal. Despite this setback, President Putin reassured African heads of state that they could rely on him to ensure they won’t go hungry. How? By substituting Ukrainian grain with Russian grain. While the mainstream media overlooked this significant development, there was an even more groundbreaking statement made by President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea during the summit. Afwerki called for a new global financial architecture, free from the control of the US dollar and other dominant currencies.

Breaking Free from Dollar-Centric Slavery

African leaders are determined to liberate themselves from the dominance of the US dollar, which they perceive as perpetuating a modern-day dollar-centric slavery system. They are turning to leaders like Putin for solutions, seeking to establish a financial system that benefits everyone and is backed by Africa’s abundant natural resources. African nations are tired of their wealth and resources being drained by fiat currencies and external forces.

A Viable Alternative to the Current System

This movement represents Africa’s desire for change. African leaders are unafraid to voice their opinions and challenge traditional currencies. Their goal is to present the world with a viable alternative to the current financial system. As the future of global financial architecture remains uncertain, it is essential to recognize that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals play a prominent role in the agendas of all governments. This pursuit of a new financial system is driven by a sense of urgency, as nations race against the clock to achieve the ambitious goals outlined in Agenda 2030.

In conclusion, Africa’s determination to challenge the existing monetary system is a significant development that should not be overlooked. African leaders are calling for a new global financial architecture that breaks free from the dominance of the US dollar. As the world grapples with the uncertainty of the future, it is imperative to recognize Africa’s desire for change and embrace the opportunity to rethink traditional currencies. By creating a financial system that works for everyone, Africa aims to secure its natural resources and chart a new path towards sustainable development.


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