The LAST BLACK FRIDAY Before America Erupts In Political & Spiritual Chaos?

Dec 1, 2019 | News

If Trump loses the election, it will only be because Google and the tech giants committed massive, coordinated election engineering and fraud, meaning Democracy is dead and the deep state political coup against America has succeeded. It’s not difficult to imagine patriots across the country rising up and taking a stand against the criminal corruption, fraud, censorship and deep state malfeasance that stole the election.

In either case, America will be sharply divided. We can never go back to being a nation that stands together with a common set of beliefs, and the radical Left has exhaustively proven that they are flatly incompatible with civil society, since they abide by no laws, no rules, no ethics, no sense of fairness or anything else that sustainable civilization requires for its very existence.

Leftists now openly advocate the suppression of free thought, free speech and freedom itself

Leftists believe that people with whom they disagree have no right to speak, no right to hold political office and no right to exist. That’s why the Left has been so busy purging conservatives from everything, including careers, universities and online speech. The very philosophy of Leftism as practiced today is one of extremism and bigotry, largely resembling the kind of fascism that smacks of the Third Reich.

On top of that, Leftists have turned into authoritarian language police, comedy police and thought police. They now push mass hallucinations involving gender confusion and demand that everyone alter their language to utter whatever “gender pronouns” are fabricated by mentally ill transgenders who are now raising money on GoFundMe to have their breasts cut off so they can “transition” into the other sex. (This is usually because they hate themselves, and many of them will later discover that they still hate themselves even after having their organs mutilated.)

Self-mutilation, sexual perversion (Drag Queen Story Hour, anyone?) and mass mental illness, by the way, are symptoms of imminent societal collapse. Historically, these aberrations have revealed themselves when societies approach critical moments of self destruction.

They are not “normal.” Transgender mutilation is never normal, even if the society of the day is engaged in a shared mass delusion that tries to pretend it’s normal.

The rising insanity of the Left is about to reach a breaking point

Sooner or later, the madness will break and this left-wing tyranny will implode. The mass mental illness will be countered and defeated. The Big Tech speech cartels will be shut down and the deranged left-wing authoritarian thought police will be either arrested or roundly rejected by the rest of society. The CIA-run fake news media will be outed and shut down, too, and the demonic Democrats will tried to erect a society built on a witches’ brew of psychological terrorism, fake news and organized hate campaigns against normalcy will be locked up in insane asylums (or prisons) where they belong.

Society cannot continue on this accelerating arc toward madness without a dramatic backlash taking place… and that backlash is already building steam in the hearts and minds of normal, sane human beings who reject the coordinated stupidity and self-delusion of radical Leftists.

The reign of left-wing terror that now rules of America’s culture, news, politics and tech infrastructure will come to an end.

By all accounts, it seems that a day of reckoning is rapidly approaching. Perhaps American society as we know it today will fracture even before the 2020 election, but it seems more likely that the evil left-wing cult of madness will hold out hope that they can get rid of Trump by rigging elections, suppressing conservative speech, registering illegals to vote and rigging all the polls in advance. Then, they believe, they can convince the American public that Trump was defeated by “legitimate” means and that Democracy has restored the “rightful” ruling position of Democrats in the White House. (Democrats believe that every Republican who wins an election is illegitimate and must be impeached by any means necessary, including fabricating false evidence and planting deep state spies into the campaigns of GOP members.)

When their delusional world is shattered in 2020 by a Trump election victory, they will launch a final blowout of self-mutilation, violence, sexual perversion, child rape activities and anything else they can think of that fulfills their deep desire for the total destruction of everything. That’s the real goal of the radical Left, of course: Destroy all that is good, whether it be the innocence of a child, the life of an unborn infant, the abundance of a thriving economy, the diversity of independent thought or even the very sustainability of human civilization. In the dark minds of Leftists, every last shred of humanity, divinity, life, abundance and cognitive diversity must be exterminated and replaced with their authoritarian agenda of destruction, suffering and death. Driven by the literal demons that have infested their once-human bodies, radical Leftists are wholly committed to mass murder, infanticide, psychological terrorism (climate change propaganda), fear propaganda, economic destruction, censorship, suppression, ecological destruction (removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a crime against nature), the mass vaccine injury of children, the genital mutilation of children (in the name of transgenderism) and the total criminalization of Christianity.

This is what they “live” for, if you can even call their lives a form of “living.” If the radical Left gets its way, America will be transformed into a Hellish prison camp… a kind of “Hell on Earth,” which, of course, has always been the goal of Luciferian forces and their fallen angels.

What’s apparent now is that they are going all-in with evil as a kind of last, desperate effort to destroy everything and suppress all human knowledge (that’s the goal of Google) before awakened humans rise up and defeat this evil.

No more pretending: The demons have come to the surface and now demand the total destruction of all that is good
The rise of the independent media — like this website — is driving demonic Leftists to out themselves as demons, murderers, fascists and psychological terrorists as they try to seize control over the minds of the masses. But they are failing, causing their desperation to become abundantly obvious to every thinking person. They’ve dropped their masquerade of even pretending to be compassionate, humanitarian people of good will and fairness. Now, their evil has risen to the surface, revealing their true nature and their sickening, horrifying desires to mutilate, violate, medicate and exploit children for their nefarious purposes.

The evil is now right out in the open. The demons have dropped their cloaks and come right to the surface, declaring their evil nature for the whole world to see.

Recognize that when you are dealing with these deranged, lunatic Leftists, you are no longer dealing with human beings. Their human souls have been replaced by demonic entities, which is why they revel in the collapse of their own filthy cities, festering with disease and human feces, where the Democrat political elite frequent child rape dungeons filled with trafficked, innocent children who Leftists literally feed upon like undead vampires. Child trafficking, pedophilia and the transgender indoctrination of children are all different expressions of the same anti-human agenda now fully embraced by Leftists, including those who run the tech giants, the media, the universities and Hollywood (which is a demon-infested orgy of child trafficking and pedophilia).

But under President Trump, there have been a record number of arrests for child trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein — a Democrat-connected elitists who reportedly raped three young girls a day — was arrested and may still be alive to serve as a witness against the deep state. Piece by piece, President Trump is dismantling the child trafficking industry that Democrat elitists feed upon.

There’s also a kind of Christian revival taking place in America as more people are drawn to God, especially when it becomes obvious how evil and anti-human Leftists have become. When we see such raw evil taking place all around us, we are naturally drawn to God and the defeat of evil.

The fraud of climate change is being exposed more and more with each passing day, and knowledge about vaccines using aborted human fetal tissue is becoming so widespread now that online platforms like Facebook and Twitter are resorting to desperate efforts to ban anyone who mentions vaccine ingredients (or questions vaccine dogma).

As the demons try to stifle human awakening while crushing human knowledge, those of us who have dedicated our lives to informing, empowering and uplifting humanity are launching our own platforms to host videos, searches and speech. We’ve successfully built as an alternative to YouTube, for example, and we’re about to launch a new natural health search engine that will replace Google on all health topics.

Humanity is rising.

And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the real battle of our era isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans but rather anti-human vs. pro-human.

The REAL fight: Anti-human vs. pro-human forces
On the radical Left, the demonic forces are trying to destroy humanity through depopulation, infanticide, transgenderism-forced infertility, mass insanity, gender bender poisoning of the food supply, ecological destruction, chemtrails and more.

But the pro-humanists are teaching people how to live off grid, how to grow your own food and medicine, how to avoid toxic pharmaceuticals, how to think for yourself and how to protect your humanity in a world dominated by anti-human forces.

This is the fight that’s really shaping up: Pro-human forces vs. anti-human forces.

And pro-human forces have God on their side.

But even God won’t intervene unless humanity stands up and defends its own existence. The epic, spiritual battle for the future of our world is rapidly approaching, and the outcome of this battle will determine whether planet Earth is defended by humanists or collapses into demonic servitude. (Demon-infested Leftists are already trying to transform Earth into a planet-wide prison camp.)

This coming war will spill blood everywhere. There will be violence, suffering and death. The demonic entities will try to turn humans against each other, pitting blacks against whites, or rich against poor. But the real fight they are waging is their agenda to destroy humanity — to make us weak, pathetic, ignorant of reality and incapable of self-preservation. That’s why demonic influences now dominate Big Pharma and Big Tech — powerful corporate entities dedicated to keeping you enslaved in systems of mind-altering medications and mind-numbing ignorance. (Google is now a pharmaceutical company, by the way, and Amazon will soon be selling prescription medications nationwide.)

In this war, you will have to fight demons for the future of humanity. There is no “safe space” in which you can be insulated from this epic, spiritual war for the future of our planet. And you cannot tell yourself “it will work itself out” as the demons rise up to destroy every living person who reminds them of God. You will be required to participate in your own survival, or you will perish.

And in this epic war, the very concept of a “Black Friday” will seem laughable, as left-wing demons attempt to blanket the entire planet in an age of darkness and suffering. Hell on Earth. That’s their plan. To create it, however, they must defeat all those humans who are good. They must silence all voices of reason. They must destroy all who oppose them.

Their plan is nearly complete, and the next 12 months will be pivotal in determining whether they succeed in defeating humanity and God.

Just remember one thing: Even as the demons infest the bodies of once-humans, those bodies are still subject to the laws of physics. They still need food, water, supplies, shelter, etc. Defeating demons that have possessed humans does not require exotic, supernatural substances like holy water; it only requires engaging and defeating these demons as you would engage and defeat any other murderer, rapist or violent lunatic. You protect the innocent by stopping evil from carrying out its plans.

The war against evil, in other words, can be won by human beings with the resources we already have.

The real question is whether humanity will earn the right to continue to exist, or if humans have become so comfortable and apathetic that they no longer have the will to survive as a species.

The years 2020 – 2025 will likely determine the final outcome. Be prepared for any possibility, for evil has descended upon us. It’s right out in the open, and public schools are allowing demons to indoctrinate young children, right in front of cheering parents who apparently have no clue they are cheering Satanic forces who wish to destroy all of humanity.

by Mike Adams via Natural News


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