The Diamond Princess Info Is Quite Unsettling

Feb 19, 2020 | Gold

Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,

Gold is in the green in the early morning with the April trade at $1,589.80, up only $3.40 after reaching $1,592.40 before “the calm” was put into place with the low at $1,581.80. Silver is up as well with the March contract at $17.845, up 11.1 cents after hitting $17.895 with the low at $17.670.

The US Dollar’s rate continues to move higher with the value pegged at 99.135 up 13.2 points and right by the high at 99.160 with the low down at 99.030. Of course, all of this happened already while we slept, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Japan (or the US?) allowed the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship to go free a day before their incubation period ended. 

The Emerging Markets Currency Watch continues to show the value of currencies failing as the precious metals rise with Venezuela’s Bolivar holding Gold’s value at 15,878.13 providing the holder an additional 55.93 in Bolivar value with Silver adding another 0.749 with its price now at 178.227 Bolivar.

Argentina’s Peso has Gold valued at 97,767.33 it too adding more to yesterdays price to the tune of 521.24 Peso’s with Silver at 1,096.83 Peso’s popping in an additional 6.06. The Turkish Lira’s value for Gold now sits at 9,649.74 showing a 66.51 T-Lira increase in value with Silver increasing by 0.816 of a Lira with the price at 108.314.

February Silver’s Delivery requests have stagnated with no trades or swaps done since last Thursday leaving that lonely number 1 up on the board and with no Volume. So, how come it’s taking Comex so long to settle this one lot order that’s been out there since last Thursday? Can’t be because they don’t have any Silver can it? After all, a certain element supposedly has a bunch of Silver sitting in its folds, unconfirmed by any outside auditing source and with that famous disclaimer at the bottom of the COMEX inventory count that says ““The information in this report is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, the Commodity Exchange, Inc. disclaims all liability whatsoever with regard to its accuracy or completeness.

This report is produced for information purposes only” and since, June 3, 2013. Their post should also include; “this information, in no way should be used for trading purposes, it is only for entertainment.” Silver’s Overall Open Interest sits at 231,131 Obligations, virtually unchanged from yesterday even though the Commodities did trade during most of the holiday, showing how the rest of the world moves money around while our numbers are artificially “stayed in place”.

February Gold’s Delivery Demands are also stuck at 699 fully paid for contracts with this morning’s Volume at 72 when yesterday’s “holiday” Volume was at 27, helping to proving once again the holes in the Comex accounting procedures. If all this activity is traceable within the computerized systems, the updates should show up as they occur, so why are the deliveries, swaps, buys/sells, not posted even if there was a federal holiday? Yesterday’s “Delivery” low just so happens to be same price as today at $1,579.80 with a new high at $1,588.30 as the purchasing carries on with the last trade at $1,586.10. Comex Gold’s Open Interest is also unchanged from yesterday’s numbers with the count at 687,921.

At the very least, the Comex is consistent in “not reporting”. Billions of dollars trade in the precious metals with people going against the computer algos, so this updated information, inside these computer-generated trades, is imo, intentionally not being posted for a reason.

by J. Johnson for JS Mineset

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