Taxes are universal theft and modern-day slavery

Jul 6, 2022 | Economic Collapse

To clarify taxes, define “theft”. The unlawful stealing of another’s belongings is one definition. “Unless you’re the government” isn’t in the definition.

The State’s theft is “legal” and its agents are free from punishment; a street gang’s steal is illegal. Many people don’t accept this parallel since the government is seen as being of, for, and by the people, despite behaving poorly at times.

A mugger demands your wallet, maybe to purchase a new automobile, and threatens violence if you don’t comply. That’s illegal. Suppose the mugger stated he needed food money. Theft? Imagine he wants your wallet to feed someone else, not himself. Theft?

Let’s say this mugger convinces his pals that he can steal your money. Theft? What if he convinces many? Stand-alone principles. Even if a crime is done for a worthy reason or with spectator cooperation (even if those bystanders call themselves the government), it is still criminal aggression.

Even if it doesn’t affect your attitude to the mugger’s (or the State’s) demands, having an ethical stance is crucial. It’s foolish to oppose a mugger or a government with a lot of force.

Swimming against the tide isn’t simple. Big government advocates use tax time to sedate lambs while they are sheared. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” It shows how a massive, repetitive falsehood may become accepted.

The reverse is true. Author and economist Mark Skousen say:  “Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state is a complete failure of civilization, while a totally voluntary society is its ultimate success.”

Taxes undermine civilized society. They cause poverty. They embrace social schemes that bury the poor. They fund a massive bureaucracy that raises expenses and stifles motivation. They pay for public works initiatives that are 10 times more expensive than privately funded alternatives, whether essential or not. They sustain economic-distorting policies (such as deposit insurance for banks). Fear and dishonesty are fostered. Evils abound. If the tax collector retired, profit-seeking entrepreneurs would offer whatever society needs or wants.

Tax protests, because they’re expensive or inefficient, are fruitless. It’s like telling a robber not to rob you because there may be a better method.

What’s the long-term tax problem? Despite hefty taxes and rigorous enforcement, I think it will become less serious. Long-term social trends favor decentralization and smaller groups. The US government won’t be much better at managing a fast-changing economy than the Soviets. More Americans will see government as worthless and unimportant.

So, I think it will be harder to get money out of a society that is so close to being broke. People who think that Federal Reserve Notes will be worth something after the world economy falls off a cliff are also broke. I always say, “A debt note has no long-term future.” But cash will do its job well in the short and near term before most people realize that their real problem is their money. To let people trade paper trust notes for money in the real world.

In the end, this is how the last wealth transfer will happen. All of the billionaires have already sold a small amount of their stock equity and are waiting for the global fire sale that will happen in the next few months. You can also go shopping if you have some cash saved up, but most people only have debt.

Now, you should ask yourself, “Where will you stand in history? Who will benefit from this change in wealth and who will be hurt?” Even if you are broke right now, you still have time to buy real wealth, and the most undervalued asset on the periodic table is a good place to start. “Silver”

As time passes, the market shakes are getting stronger. If you’ve been listening to me for this long, I think you know how important it is to get your weight up. Now, take a minute to share this message with someone else who needs to hear it. By the way, you can help them by telling them that the RTD Silver starter kit is a cheap way to build up their silver stash. This may seem like a small gesture but your family will thank you later.

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