Take Delivery Of Your Gold… NOW!!! w/ Jim Willie

Jul 4, 2019 | News

Jim Willie Interviews Mark O’Byrne of GoldCore about the coming Gold Standard in this the Multi Polar and Asian Century. Avoid Online Gold and Own Fully Segregated Gold Coins and Bars

Part 1: Gold Standard Cometh In This The Multi Polar Century

– The ‘Gold Standard’ jigsaw: the global monetary pieces are falling into place as China quietly moves to re-establish some form of Gold Standard

– The legs of the Gold Standard stool are here – gold trade notes, gold panda bonds (Italy) and central banks are buying gold as Basle III makes gold a “risk free asset”

– Trump may have become compromised by the Neo-Conservatives and their crazy and expensive dreams of maintaining Empire and a ‘New American Century’

– United States is bankrupt (with $22 trillion US debt and over $100 trillion of unfunded government liabilities) and “living on a maxed out credit card,” therefore U.S. Treasuries are no longer a risk free asset

– The Global Monetary RESET will see the “Third World” dollar sharply devalued and paper wealth and assets including stocks and bonds lose significant value – Global Financial Crisis II is “going to be much, much bigger” … Prepare now

Part 2: Gold Buyers Are “Having Difficulty Getting Their Gold and Their Cash” 

– Some gold buyers and investors in online gold platforms are “having difficulty getting their gold … and their cash”

– “Hearing more and more unfortunate stories and I will not mention names” – Jim Willie – Physical gold and silver are safe havens but only if you own coins and bars in the safest of ways

– Do not hold gold in a pool allocated format via a website that you cannot take delivery of, move easily or liquidate at competitive prices and receive funds quickly

– People think they own a gold bar but what they own is a small part of a very large bar with thousands of other investors and they can only sell their gold via the one website. It is also makes it cumbersome, timely and costly to convert to smaller bars in order to be able to take delivery

– There is massive and concentrated counter party risk and a “single point of failure” in having exposure to gold via a single online gold platform, a single ETF, a single combination dealer vault provider

– Test your golden exits and take delivery, transfer or sell some of your gold and silver

Videos originated on the GoldCore YouTube channel (HERE)


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