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Dear Reader, “Journalism is about covering important stories,” said one scalawag. “With a pillow.” A staggering bailout of the banking system presently proceeds apace....
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One of the most vital pieces of plumbing that powers the global financial system usually runs so smoothly that it gets overlooked by market watchers. It’s the “repo market,” comprising the short-term funding that banks and financial counter-parties regularly tap...
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  Subscribe and share the RTD news updates… RTD News keeps you up to date on what’s happening around the globe. Thanks for watching this important update, Monte dei Paschi – World’s Oldest Bank Bailed Out (545 Years Old). Information...
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CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, New York Times; the list is as big as the National Debt itself!

His strategy of attacking back is working, though, and they're pissed!


The Media, owned by the Deep State, despises Donald Trump!