Stock Up Now! Meat Shortage On The Radar For 2023

Aug 1, 2022 | News

Ranchers in the Southwest are now in “panic mode” and selling off their cattle at an unprecedented pace as a result of the terrible drought, which is completely ruining ranching there.

Some farmers even decide to sell off their whole herds because they believe they have no other choice. Recently, pictures of what seemed to be never-ending queues of trucks waiting to deliver livestock for sale have gone popular on social media.

Everyone is commenting on how they have never seen anything like this, and if the Southwest continues to experience dryness, lines may soon become much longer.

This will contribute to the short-term stabilization of meat prices. However, over time, the U.S. cow herd will gradually shrink, which will have extremely negative effects on our capacity to feed ourselves in 2023 and beyond.

North Texas has emerged as the focal point of this escalating issue. Due to the drought, there is just not enough water or grass, which has caused a lot of ranchers to make some very difficult choices.

It is crucial for many of these ranchers to provide for their livestock while they still have the opportunity.

The great majority of the region’s pasture and range land is now in “poor” or “very bad” condition, according to the USDA.

Under such conditions, many cattle ranchers would typically give hay to their cattle, but the cost of hay has totally risen in the last year.

Therefore, even if you can still find hay for sale, it’s generally so costly that it isn’t even worthwhile. Some cattle farmers in Texas have really chosen to sell their whole herds because they have run out of sensible alternatives.

The good news is that there is now a deluge of beef entering the supply system. And it undoubtedly contributes to the stability of short-term pricing.

How about the next year and years after that? Bloomberg claims that many of the ranchers attending these auctions are really in “panic mode” because they are so desperate to offload their livestock.

Normally, ranchers would hold off on selling their livestock until they reached the required weight.

Sadly, the protracted drought is driving many ranchers to “sell smaller”.

Ranching is, at its core, a business. These men are working as hard as they can to maximize their financial gain.

Of course, the majority of Americans never ever consider the origin of the meat they consume, but we should.

We rely on a relatively tiny segment of the population to feed the majority of us, Texas rancher Jarrod Montford has noted.

He is correct. We need farmers and ranchers, but we don’t show them nearly enough gratitude.

There are serious reasons to be worried about the future.

For quite some time, the national herd of cattle has been declining, and this tendency currently seems to be significantly accelerating.

A break in the weather is what we really need. Let’s, therefore, pray for lower temperatures and a lot of rain.

It’s unfortunate since the next week is expected to be hot, particularly in the Southwest.

Of course, the biggest global food crisis in decades is the backdrop to all of this.

Global food supplies are already running low, and famines are already breaking out in many parts of the planet.

Most people refused to pay attention when we were informed that this was about to happen.

Now, the day of judgment is almost here.

I would strongly advise you to stock up on meat in the next weeks while it is still reasonably priced since the forecast for 2023 and beyond is unfavorable.


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