David Hunter: Stock Market Melt Up, Gold $20,000 and Silver $400

Apr 16, 2023 | Economy

Many experts are worried that the current state of the world’s financial system could lead to a crisis that could be the worst ever.

David Hunter, who has been in the business for almost 50 years and is the chief markets macro strategist, thinks that we are in the last 10 years of a super cycle and that the market will end and there will be a global bust at some point. He thinks that the market will soon go crazy, which will lead to a historic rally before it goes down.

This kind of growth is a 50–75 percent jump in less than six months, which has never happened before. It could reach 6,000 or 7,000. The rally is likely to be widespread, with growth in cyclicals, tech, heavy and old industrial, and financial sectors. Stocks that are safer, like utilities and energy, may not do as well.

Even though people are optimistic about the coming rally, Hunter warns of problems that could happen, like mistakes made by the central bank and rising inflation. He also thinks that a recession and a global bust will follow.

The world’s highly leveraged financial system could be what sets off the coming crisis. This could cause unemployment, high interest rates, weak economies, and eventually a global depression.

People are told that the best way to protect their wealth is to make investment decisions based on their own situations and with the help of trusted financial advisors. In the event of a hyperinflationary cycle around the world, investors may only be able to find safety in hard assets like gold and silver. There will be a chance that governments and big banks will fail.

Hunter advises people to be careful because of the possible risks, and he says that before making any investment decisions, people should get their finances in order to prepare for the possible melt up, bust, and inflationary cycle.

Gold, silver, oil, and copper are all expected to go through a big boom. Those who invest in commodities now may be able to build wealth for their whole family that will last for generations. Hunter says that the key to success is to buy these commodities and hold on to them for five to seven years. Long-term trends, not the day-to-day movements of the market, are what drive success, he says.

Even though there are worries, Hunter is still optimistic about the market, and he thinks there will be more movement in the future. He says not to pay attention to the noise and rumors because they are what are causing the market to fall.

Many people say that the current stock market rally is just a bear market rally, but Hunter thinks that may not be the case. He expects potential returns equal to a full cycle, which may happen in just six months.


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