Silver Triple Digit Profits! – With This Strategy!

Jul 21, 2020 | Silver

Investing in silver might give us the greatest upside opportunity that we have right now. And in this video, I’m gonna explain that buying the physical isn’t the best way. I’m going to show you what you need to be looking at how you find them, and even more, how you can find the big winners now this is the exact same method of use to make triple-digit returns investing in gold and silver stocks for decades.

While I do talk a lot about Gold, I do not talk about silver very much, even though I love to invest in silver for big profits. but today I’m going to break it all down for you and show you how investing in Silver and Silver stocks is the best chance for triple-digit profits and returns in the market today.

Now, the thing that we need to know as investors, whether we are investing in Silver or Gold or anything else is that we should always look at our risk versus reward, and really everything in life boils down to risk and reward. every chance or every opportunity every action you take has a reward if you do it or risk if you don’t invest in is no different.

Obviously, we put our money out. We’re hoping for reward, but at the same time, because we put that money out, there’s risk involved now the smartest investors are the ones that have figured that out the smartest investors are the ones that have a strategy around, risk management, the smartest investors are the ones that know how to optimize for risk versus reward.

Now, a lot of investors don’t a lot of investors have figured that out now in the book Tony Robbins did he talked about this at great detail and he talked about something known as asymmetric bets asymmetric risk and it was something that really changed a lot of the way that I look at investing and so if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve heard me talk about it many, many times I’m gonna explain to you what it is because like I said it changed the way that I look at investing and hopefully can change the way for you.

Now, it does play off of something that Warren Buffett talks about, which again, I’ve talked about a bunch, Warren Buffett says that the number one rule for investing is to never lose money, and the number two rule for investing is never forgotten number one.

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