Silver Is Not What You Think It Is w/ Mark Moss

Dec 19, 2019 | News

Many think that Silver and Gold go together and because Gold has been shooting higher due to investor and central bank demand, they expect Silver to follow but they will be sadly mistaken when they find out that Silver is not what they think it is.

To understand what silver has become, why it’s different than people think, we have to go way back, way way back.

In this video, we dip back through history to explore the gold/silver relationship, what changed, and where it is today. The global markets are going crazy, stock markets hitting all time highs, while interest rates are record lows and global debt has never been higher.

Gold has been at the top of the conversations, but today I want to explain where that leaves Silver, and what is happening with it. If you have watched much of my channel, you know I like to go back through history to get a better understanding, so today were going back, way, way back…

By the end, you will look at Silver completely different and you’ll know where it’s going!

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