Rick Rule Reveals Powerful New Insider Secrets! (Gold, Silver, Inflation)

Jan 31, 2020 | News

Rick Rule shares intel 👉YOU HAVE TO KNOW FOR 2020! 👈

Rick Rule has had his finger on the pulse of the resource investing sector for decades, he is the go to source for better understanding where prices are going. Rick Rule is a wealth of information and we take clips from my interview with Rick so I break everything down in a way that’s easy to understand so you can better prepare for the future and leverage Rick Rules vast experience.

If you have an interest in investing, Rick Rule or the US economy this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO! In recent interviews, Rick Rule has mentioned the competition for gold is the US 10 year treasury and the US dollar.

The treasury has been attractive in the past as a “safe haven” asset because you can collect yield but know treasuries are in a huge bubble so any type of bond is far less attractive. Rick Rule also points out the problem with the US dollar, and if measured by fundamentals alone we’d see a dollar collapse.

Rick Rule outlines his views on silver and how it’s different from gold on a fundamental level. Also shares his views on where he thinks we are in the cycle and how close we maybe to the next huge bull market in both gold and silver.

In this Rick Rule video he discuss the following:

1. Rick Rules theory of the ANTI-DOLLAR and inflation.

2. Rick Rules outlook for silver

3. Rick Rules prediction for gold!



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