Rick Rule On Gold, Uranium, and Investing In The Miners

Jul 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Great recent interview with Rick Rule of Sprott Global on Maurice Jackson’s Proven and Probable.

Rick’s one of the most well known investors in the mining space. And in addition to talking about the current market dynamics, Rick also shared some great insight on how to manage the risks. Which is an often understated aspect of trading and investing.

He also mentioned how on many of his most successful investments, they were often down as much as 50-90% before they eventually soared hundreds or thousands of percent. Highlighting the ability to be firm in your convictions and purchase more when assets are on sale.

A lot of Rick’s investing philosophy matches some of the most relevant lessons I learned in my own trading career, and whether you’re new to investing or an industry veteran, you’ll enjoy this interview.


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