Reverse Repos EXPLODE! Is This Signaling Next Economic Collapse?

Jun 30, 2021 | Economic Collapse

There’s not much we can add here: after all, we have beaten to death the topic of the Fed’s soaring reverse repo facility, but while many were expecting fireworks for the month and quarter-end, nobody expected that a record 90 counterparties (up from 74 on Tuesday) would park an additional $150 billion in loose liquidity (for context, all of QE2 was $600 billion).

The Fed’s reverse repo facility where it is now earning 0.05% compared to the 0.00% rate prior to the June FOMC, bringing the total reverse repo usage to a mindblowing $991.9 billion, after printing a record $841.2 billion on Tuesday (across 74 counterparties).

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Inflation Signs All Around Us: This Summer Will Be Nuts

It’s the silent destroyer of wealth that impacts each and every one of us, rich or poor, but especially the middle class that works and saves for years just to watch our money’s value waste away due to reckless government print-and-spend policy.


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