Quiz Time 

The first step in acquiring a monetary education is to find out your current Money IQ. This 10 question quiz is designed to give you a simple and quick way to examine your current knowledge base on a few historical aspects of the Dollar.

In order to begin the process of becoming monetarily informed you must start somewhere. This quiz is a fun way to get your brain firing and the inquisitive juices flowing. We are sure you will have questions once you are done. Step 2 in the Rethinking the Dollar process is set up to assist you in getting some of those questions answered.

Here are the rules to the quiz.

1. Fill in your name. 

2. Answer all 10 questions to the best of your ability within 4 minutes.

3. Review score and make note of the questions that surprised you.

4.  Go to (Step 2) and download the Free E-Book, “The Simplicity of Money”.

Enjoy the learning experience!!!!


Note: All information obtained will be used for further study and examination to help improve  the educational material. Your information (name) will not be shared.

Monetary IQ Quiz

The beginning of understanding the dollar