Parallels Between The Decline of the Roman Empire and America w/ Charles Hugh Smith

Aug 5, 2019 | News

SBTV spoke with Charles Hugh Smith, author and the editor of the Of Two Minds blog, about the startling parallels (e.g. debasing of currency, lack of strong leadership, move towards populism, etc.) between the decline of the Roman Empire and America.

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Discussed in this interview:

  • 07:33 Central banks created financialization as the foundation of wealth now
  • 10:25 Comparing the decline of the Roman Empire and America
  • 17:52 Leaders are no longer focused on common good
  • 23:39 The Nixon Shock started the decline in living standards
  • 28:50 Healthcare and education are cartels
  • 36:01 Global phenomenon of increasing growth by increasing debt 40:57 Past the point of no return
  • 42:20 Preparing for the coming collapse
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