More Proof They Lost Control Of Gold & Silver

Jul 10, 2019 | News

Are gold & silver really breaking free from the price suppression? Join Mike & Half Dollar as they dive into fresh new evidence which suggests the cartel is losing control of the “markets”.

In addition to this new evidence, additional topics discussed include:

  • Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Q&A session with Congress going on today and tomorrow
  • Big changes are coming down the pike as evidenced by the recent shake-ups at major central banks and institutions around the world, including the latest developments from just yesterday.
  • How safe are pension plans are retirement systems?
  • What is the end game for the US dollar?
  • Debunking the “1 oz of gold buys a fine suit” myth.

For discussion on those topics and a whole lot more, including addressing some comments and questions in the chat, tune-in to today’s show in its entirety.

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