Feds Seize 20,000 Fake IDs From China Ahead Of November Election, Massive Election Fraud Scheme Under Way

Aug 11, 2020 | Economic Collapse

If Biden unseats Trump, which could be what these fake IDs were intended to facilitate, then the nation will quickly shift into uncharted territory…

Less than three months remain until voters head to the polls to pull the lever for America’s next president, and as you might expect, subversive forces appear to be trying to sway the outcome.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport have reportedly intercepted numerous shipments from communist China containing counterfeit U.S. driver licenses, which some believe could be intended to facilitate illegal voting – just like what Google is doing.

All in all, agents have intercepted about 20,000 of these fake IDs, though it remains unclear how many more may have slipped through undetected. The counterfeit documents were shipped mainly from Hong Kong and China, with some also originating in South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Oddly enough, news reports are not specifying to whom these IDs were sent, but are rather focusing on the fact that many of them are coming from communist China.

“These counterfeit driver’s licenses can lead to disastrous consequences,” stated CBP’s Ralph Piccirilli in an oddly worded statement. “Criminal organizations use these counterfeit IDs to avoid attracting attention to their illegal activities.”

While a bulk of the fake IDs are said to have been intended for underage college students, at least one had a barcode emblazoned on the back of it that was able to be scanned, which suggests that hackers or whomever is involved could have direct ties to government departments that oversee motor vehicles.

Are child traffickers responsible for these fake IDs?

Another suspicion is that these fake IDs may be tied to child traffickers and sex criminals because it is apparently a common practice for them to use counterfeit identity documents to subvert law enforcement.

“These fraudulent identity documents can lead to identity theft, worksite enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, (and) fraud linked to immigration-related crimes such as human smuggling and human trafficking,” an official CBP press release reads.

“[T]hese documents can be used by those individuals associated with terrorism to minimize scrutiny from travel screening measures.

It is also rather odd that a large number of counterfeit IDs supposedly intended for underage college students would be pouring into our country at a time when in-person education has been placed on hold due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The whole thing is oddly suspicious, especially since this is an election year – and not just any election year, but one with explosive ramifications regardless of the outcome.

If Trump wins reelection, then the left will go even more bonkers than current news headlines suggest. And if Biden unseats Trump, which could be what these fake IDs were intended to facilitate, then the nation will quickly shift into uncharted territory.

What is further odd is the fact that authorities failed to wait until these IDs were actually delivered in order to deliver justice to the recipients. Arrests could have been made at the time of delivery to stop the culprits from ordering even more fake IDs that have the potential to make it through screenings.

“Perhaps whoever was in charge of this bust should have tracked the bundle and let the package get delivered to the person who ordered them and then make an arrest,” is how one Zero Hedge commenter put it. “But they didn’t do that. Why not?”

“Nobody is sending these things gratis, someone in the US is ordering and paying for them, yet you seem to be blaming the supplier for how their product is used,” wrote another about how communist China is being blamed simply because that is where these IDs were apparently manufactured.

“Like blaming Ford for a hit and run because that was the brand of car used.”

by Ethan Huff of Natural News

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