Last Pre-Scheduled Cyberattack Drill Before The Main Event | The People’s Talk Show

Jan 11, 2022 | Economic Collapse

European Union governments will launch later this week a large-scale simulation of cyberattacks against multiple member states. Participants will be confronted with attacks on their supply chains and some spillover socio-economic effects in other member states, before having to coordinate public communications and diplomatic response.

This will make three large-scale cyberattack exercises in the last 8 months. First, there was the World Economic Forum Cyber Polygon, followed by the Israeli 10 nation exercise and now the European Union. Three strikes you’re out and the next event will be the grand finale event that brings down the financial system and more.

List of articles discussed in this RTD Live Talk:

EU to Stage Large-Scale Cyberattack Exercise on Supply Chains


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No matter which angle you’re looking at it from – economics, chart technicals, or a combination of both – the bull case for silver is as powerful as ever. $35 will prove to be a key level, and after the bulls break through that, the $50 resistance point from 2011 will be next in line.


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