Is Fort Riley’s Black Start Exercise More Than Just a Test?

Jul 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Power outages can occur at any time, disrupting our everyday lives and causing inconvenience and frustration. To prepare for these potential scenarios, the Department of Defense has mandated an exercise called Black Start at Fort Riley. This exercise aims to test the emergency energy generation systems and infrastructure in place. While it may seem like a routine preparation, there are reasons to be skeptical about the true purpose of this exercise.

Unveiling the Black Start Exercise at Fort Riley

Fort Riley is all set to conduct the Black Start exercise, and a town hall meeting has been organized to discuss and highlight its importance. Key personnel will provide insights into the exercise and how it aligns with their efforts in preparing soldiers and their families. However, there is more to this exercise than meets the eye.

Scheduled to begin at 4 a.m., the exercise’s goal is to restore power by 1 p.m. The expectation is that everything will be back up and running within 30 minutes to two hours after the commencement of the blackout. The Garrison Commander, Colonel Foot, compares it to a rotation for Garrison but with additional responsibility for families. While this explanation might appear reasonable at first glance, it fails to convince skeptics.

A Deeper Look: Speculation and Questions Arise

Why should we question the significance of this exercise? Past events, such as the Cyber Polygon drills conducted by the World Economic Forum, give rise to speculation. These drills aimed to prepare for cyber events, raising concerns about potential future scenarios. Furthermore, the Assistant Secretary of Defense of Sustainment has emphasized the importance of assured access to resilient and cyber-secure fuel and power. This raises questions about whether resources will be available to a select few while leaving the majority without.

Authorities argue that this exercise is necessary to protect families in times of national crisis. Power outages are a common occurrence, and being prepared is crucial. However, the scale and intensity of this particular exercise seem excessive unless there is a larger event on the horizon. It is essential to approach this exercise with caution and skepticism regarding its timing. There is a growing sense that it may be more than just a bureaucratic show, indicating possible awareness of something more substantial approaching.

Remaining Vigilant in a Changing World

The events unfolding globally have given rise to concerns about the true nature and purpose of the Black Start exercise at Fort Riley. With potential threats looming, it is not surprising that skepticism and questions arise. It is uncertain what the future holds, but it is essential to remain vigilant and keep an eye on any developments that may emerge. In the meantime, we welcome your thoughts and encourage you to share this information to increase awareness.

In conclusion, while the Fort Riley Black Start exercise may seem like a routine test, it raises questions about its true purpose and timing. Skepticism is warranted, given the current global climate. Stay informed, stay prepared, and let’s navigate these uncertain times together.


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