Investing in Salt Mining: A Stable Opportunity in a Volatile Market

Jul 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

Introduction: In today’s economic landscape, having exposure to hard assets like commodities is crucial. Commodities can serve as a hedge against inflation and have a high correlation with it. Salt, often overlooked, is a key commodity in the salt industry, playing a vital role in de-icing highways and ensuring safe travel during winters.

An Imbalance in the Salt Industry

There is currently a tight supply situation in the salt industry, which may worsen in the future. Many salt mines in the Great Lakes region and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence are over 60 years old, leading to an imbalance in the distribution network. Imports from distant regions such as North Africa and Chile are necessary to meet the demand, raising national security concerns. Developing new salt mines closer to the demand centers can provide a stable supply chain and reduce reliance on risky regimes.

Insights from Atlas Salt Incorporated

Roland Howe, the president and director of Atlas Salt Incorporated, offers valuable insights on the mineral space and opportunities in the mining sector. Atlas Salt Incorporated is a spin-off from Vulcan Minerals, focusing specifically on salt assets. They have identified a promising salt deposit in Western Newfoundland, with favorable geology and proximity to deep water and a port. The goal is to start a new mine with advantages over existing mines, such as incline ramps for access and environmentally friendly, electrically driven equipment.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Salt Mining

Salt mining differs from other commodities as it involves grinding salt from the ground using continuous miners. The processing of salt is simple, involving crushing and screening, with no waste or tailing ponds. This results in a small environmental footprint, making salt mining a sustainable option.

Diversify Your Portfolio with Salt Mining

Investing in salt mining can be a valuable addition to a diversified portfolio considering the importance of hard assets and the supply challenges in the salt industry. Salt offers stability, both in terms of cash flow and as a hedge against inflation. Newfoundland, where Atlas Salt Incorporated operates, is considered an attractive jurisdiction for mining and ranks fourth in the world by the Fraser Institute.

Atlas Salt Incorporated: A Leader in the Salt Industry

Atlas Salt Incorporated aims to position itself as a leader in the salt industry in the Northern American region by implementing best practices, ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness, and productivity. They strive to provide a secure supply of salt, which is essential for safe winter travel. Encompass Minerals is one publicly traded salt company that can be compared to Atlas Salt Incorporated, although there are no other companies currently taking a salt project through feasibility.

Explore Salt Mining with Atlas Salt Incorporated

For beginners interested in the salt mining industry, Atlas Salt Incorporated suggests visiting their website,, for more information. The company emphasizes that their project is a premier undeveloped high-grade salt project and highlights the advantages of having a domestic stable supply chain. The company’s ticker symbol is SALT, and it can be found on the TSX Venture exchange.


The salt industry offers unique investment opportunities due to the stable demand for salt and its correlation with inflation. Atlas Salt Incorporated, with its focus on salt assets, is well-positioned to meet the industry’s challenges and provide a secure supply of salt for safe winter travel. Investors interested in the industry are encouraged to conduct thorough research before making decisions.


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