If You Had A Thousand Dollars In Gold

Sep 16, 2022 | Debt, Financial Literacy, Monetary Education

VERY likely you haven’t. Few of us have. But you’d like to have it no question about that. It would give you a pretty comfortable feeling, if there were sickness in the family, to know that a thousand dollars in good, hard gold was right where you could get at it or if something went wrong in your business, or if you saw a chance to use a few hundred to advantage.

After all, it’s something every family ought to have, a “gold reserve” for emergencies and the bigger it is the better.

That’s just what Liberty Bonds are, your emergency fund. In gold, too, because the bonds are payable by the United States Treasury in gold when they become due. And they are far safer and easier to take care of than actual gold dollars hidden away in a cash box.bongold

Your dollars in Liberty Bonds are always available for immediate use, because any bank will lend you money on the bonds or help you to sell them.

There’s another advantage, too, over gold dollars in a cash box. Dollars put aside in Liberty Bonds are not merely dollars saved and lying idle against the day of need. They are invested dollars, drawing interest day and night, week-days and Sundays. They’re the sort of golden hoard that grows by itself.

True, you can’t build up that family “gold reserve” by just wishing for it. But a little sacrifice on your part now will do it.

You’ll never have a better chance. It isn’t likely, now that the war is over, that the Government will ever again issue bonds with so high an interest rate and in every way so attractive as an investment not, at
least, in your lifetime.

Don’t be misled by present day market condition. They are governed by supply and demand and have no bearing on the real value of Liberty Bonds. The United States Government has never failed to pay its bonds at their full face value.

One thousand dollars in gold will always be worth one thousand dollars in gold, but no more. One thousand dollars in Liberty Bonds will be worth one thousand dollars in gold when they come due as the United States Government promises, and in the meanwhile they have paid you many dollars in interest.

Article first appeared in The Taney County Republican on May 1st, 1919 (Here)

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