If The Covid-19 Coronavirus Was Easy To Stop, It Would Have Stopped In Wuhan

Mar 10, 2020 | Public Health, World News

There’s a disease that spreading around the world at breakneck speeds, and it isn’t the coronavirus. It’s coronavirus denialism, a kind of mental state of imaginary biology that has more in common with transgenderism propaganda than medical reality.

People will announce their coronavirus denialism disease at every opportunity, often in public. Here are some of the phrases that identify these irrational denialists who suffer from mathematical illiteracy and imaginary fictions where they can pretend the virus poses no threat to humanity:

“It won’t be that bad.”

“It’s no worse than the flu.”

“There will be a vaccine that stops it.”

“The government will stop it.”

“It won’t affect America like it’s affecting the rest of the world.”

“It will fade out on its own.”

“Viruses don’t exist / viruses don’t cause disease.”

“It will be contained and won’t spread any further.”

“It will be stopped in (insert country name here).”

When you hear these phrases, you’ve got a pandemic denialism disease victim on your hands. Here’s how to give them a quick cure.

No one can explain how the virus will stop replicating

To cure your friend or family member of pandemic denialism disease, just ask them the following question:

“By what mechanism does the virus stop replicating?”

You see, for the coronavirus to be “no big deal,” it has to stop replicating, obviously. Because if it keeps replication and spreading on the exponential curve that’s been well traced since day one in Wuhan, it very quickly infects a very large percentage of the global population, killing many millions of people and overwhelming hospitals around the world.

See this chart from Worldometers.info? It shows the explosive, sustained spread of the coronavirus around the world, both in terms of infections and deaths. For the coronavirus to be “no big deal,” these skyrocketing lines have to be flatlined:

So another way to phrase the main question here is to show your friend these graphs and ask them what will cause the lines to go flat.

If the lines don’t go flat, the virus keeps spreading, obviously. So anyone who tells you, “It won’t be that bad” is in effect proposing a theory of how these lines turn FLAT. So ask them to explain how that theory works.

That will stop them in their tracks.

In truth, pandemic denialists have no theories to explain how the virus stops replicating. They have no rational process they can invoke which will achieve a halting of the spread of the virus without causing widespread economic collapse. Yes, they can say, “The government orders everyone in the entire country to stay home for 30 days,” but that action would of course collapse the very fabric of modern society, leading to economic collapse, lawlessness, food shortages, a medical crisis and much more.

Pandemic denialists, you see, can’t face the reality of what’s happening so they fabricate nice-sounding stories to tell themselves so that they don’t have to embrace the reality of the global pandemic collapse that has already been set into motion. That’s how they come up with nonsensical, irrational sayings like, “It’s no worse than the flu.”

It’s a story they tell themselves, just like children have imaginary friends who keep them safe from dreadful monsters hiding in the closet. But the stories aren’t real. They’re fairy tales.

Our world is dominated by fairy tales, it turns out. Very few people are living in any mental model that resembles reality.

Lots of famous people are peddling fairy tales that will collapse in the face of reality within 90 days

Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Drew and Elon Musk are all spinning delusional fairy tales, by the way. So is President Trump. If you ask them the simple question above — by what mechanism does the virus stop replication? — they can’t provide any rational answer.

Rush Limbaugh says “98% of the people survive,” which is an admission that 2% die. If half the U.S. population gets infected, a 2% fatality rate is about 3.3 million people, or 100 times more fatalities than the flu. But since Rush can’t do math, you can’t walk him through this simple equation. Rush has become the propaganda broadcast hub for Mike Pence, who knows nothing about virology or epidemiology. When Mike Pence talks about the coronavirus, it makes about as much sense as Joe Biden talking about firearms.

Dr. Drew is a celebrity doctor who says it’s, “no worse than the flu.” Yet unless he’s been lobotomized, he must know that the mortality rate of seasonal influenza is only around 0.1% (CDC.gov), while the mortality rate among those infected with the coronavirus is, according to the WHO, 3.4%. That means the coronavirus mortality rate is 34 times higher than the season flu. Surely Dr. Drew can follow this simple math, unless he’s gone the route of Brian Williams on MSNBC who thinks 327 million multiplied by one million is only 500 million. (Hint: The correct answer is 327 trillion.)

Elon Musk is a high-tech huckster and hype artist whose entire financial existence depends on fluffing falsehoods and denying financial reality. He’s been able to sucker millions of investors into his soon-to-fail “Tesla” fiasco, but the virus can’t be bamboozled by billionaires. The virus doesn’t care if Elon Musk is loved by millions of deluded, ignorant youth who literally think he’s Iron Man. The virus can’t be reasoned with or threatened on twitter. It just replicates.

Similarly, President Trump now repeats propaganda lines from Dr. Anthony Fauci, uttering shockingly uninformed things like, “One day it will just magically disappear” (or some similar paraphrased statement). Yet the virus doesn’t respond to magic. It only responds to biochemistry and physiology. The virus can’t even hear President Trump since the virus has no ears. So it offers no consideration to the spin of Mike Pence or Trump himself. Their words are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is stopping the replication of the virus.

So we ask you, dear reader, by what mechanism will the replication of this virus be stopped?

DUH: If the virus were easily stopped, it would have been stopped in Wuhan

I’ve asked dozens of people that same question. No one has anything resembling a realistic answer.

Ultimately, the answers from people all come down to a measure of “hope.” They say things like, “I hope it won’t get bad,” or “I think it won’t get bad.”

The virus, it turns out, doesn’t give a crap what you hope or think.

So we repeat the question: By what mechanism does the virus replication get stopped?

No one has any answer to that.

If the virus were easy to stop, it would have been contained in Wuhan, obviously. Or Asia. If the virus were easy to stop it wouldn’t now be in 103 countries and territories, would it?

If the virus were easy to stop, it wouldn’t still be spreading in Italy and South Korea. The USA wouldn’t now have 464 confirmed infections, up from just 15 when Trump first told us it was no big deal. This, despite Trump saying today that the USA has a, “perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan” to deal with the virus. Seriously? With virtually no testing kits in the hands of doctors and hospitals yet? It’s absurd. (Mike Pence’s plan to deal with the virus is to keep repeating, “Socialism is bad” and hope nobody notices when their family members start dying from the virus. Maybe the new, upcoming argument will be, “The coronavirus doesn’t kill as many people as communism does.”)

Why Americans are the most delusional of all

Americans are especially delusional in all this, as they think America will somehow be able to stop the virus when 103 other countries couldn’t. Yet they hold this belief at the same time that America has tested almost no one for the virus, as I originally warned over two weeks ago on NaturalNews.com — a story that has now been repeated across the mainstream media two weeks later. As we explain in this new storyThe Atlantic finally reported what we reported two weeks ago about the catastrophic lack of testing for the coronavirus in the USA. (Drudge linked to The Atlantic, but he never links to Natural News even when we’re first and more accurate.)

Thus, the belief of delusional Americans that the virus won’t spread in America is precariously lashed to a rickety sinking raft that’s taking on water and is named, “Almost Nobody is Being Tested in America.” Somehow, delusional Americans think the virus can be stopped without any real testing for the virus.

This belief is, of course, utterly insane. Those who hold such a belief are mentally ill (or incredibly stupid). They are perhaps even more mentally ill than the transgenderism pushers who think a biological man can transform into a biological woman by wishing. If that’s true, then why not just imagine the coronavirus isn’t real, too? Or pretend that viral replication in your lungs is no longer something with which you self-identify? Or why not just invoke trans-species magical thinking and declare yourself to be a zebra, then declare that zebras are immune to the coronavirus?

In denying the coronavirus, in other words, Rush Limbaugh is acting out the same sort of lunacy as the transgenderism pushers on the radical Left. Rush is pretending the virus isn’t a problem because he wishes it so.

For Trump’s part, he’s just wildly misinformed and has no medical training himself, so he’s relying on people who are giving him terrifyingly bad information. To this day, Trump still doesn’t seem to realize the coronavirus is on track to infect and kill millions of Americans. Every day that Trump doesn’t shut down domestic air travel, another nearly 100 people are getting infected.

Will Trump still insist it’s no big deal when the number of infections reaches 10,000? How about 100,000? Or a million? At what point are denialists suddenly be convinced it’s real? When does Trump’s, “perfectly coordinated plan” finally get recognized as the federal sh#tshow of incompetence and lies that it has now become across the totally incompetent and infinitely corrupt CDC, FDA and NIH?

It’s not “real” until it kills someone they know

I think I have the answer to that question, by the way. For irrational people who remain in a paralyzed state of denial, the coronavirus isn’t real until it kills somehow they know. Then suddenly it’s real.

Until that day comes, they will continue to deny what’s happening because they are mentally fragile and unable to process any reality that’s too scary for their snowflake minds.

That day may not be far off, by the way, if the virus continues on its current track. As revealed in my pandemic projection model, we only have a couple of months before the number of infections starts to reach into the millions, followed a month or two later by millions of deaths in America if something drastic isn’t done to stop this (and alter the trajectory of the virus):

By April 4th, 2020, if no travel restrictions are put in place:

  • 8,645 actively infected and transmitting on this day
  • 580 cumulative dead since day one, with 58 deaths on this day
  • 5,432 cumulative recovered since day one

By May 4th, 2020, if no travel restrictions are put in place:

  • 122,529 actively infected and transmitting on this day
  • 10,432 cumulative dead since day one, with 910 deaths on this day
  • 85,332 cumulative recovered since day one

By June 4th, 2020, if no travel restrictions are put in place:

  • 1.7 million actively infected and transmitting on this day
  • 153,000 cumulative dead since day one, with 12,960 deaths on this day
  • 1.2 million cumulative recovered since day one

By July 4th, 2020, if no travel restrictions are put in place:

  • 24.3 million actively infected and transmitting on this day
  • 2.16 million cumulative dead since day one, with 183,000 deaths on this day
  • 17.1 million cumulative recovered since day one

You can replicate this math in an Excel spreadsheet by simply following mathematical rules of exponential spread. Yet, truly stated, few people are able to grasp exponential math in the first place, making it impossible for them to understand the accelerating rate of the spread of the virus. Most people don’t even know what “accelerating rate” means, since people tend to think in linear fashion. “Accelerating rate” means the rate at which people are being infected (i.e. # of cases per unit of time) is itself increasing with time, creating a kind of “compounded interest” effect in the aggregate number of infections and deaths.

But we live in a world where the masses are too stupid to calculate a 15% tip for a restaurant waiter, much less understand derivatives and basic calculus. So any effort to try to explain where this coronavirus is headed is met with blank stares and zombie-like reactions ranging from paralyzed, befuddled faces to angry, contorted smirks and accusations of mathematical sorcery.

I am no sorcerer, but I do understand math. And the math is irrefutable. I can’t teach people math, but I can show them what the math says, and that message is crystal clear: If the coronavirus continues on its current trajectory, there will be 2+ million dead Americans by July 4th.

There are really only two ways to stop that trajectory:

1) Extreme isolation (martial law, quarantines, locking down entire cities, etc.)

2) Widespread use of anti-viral nutraceuticals across the general population.

Option #1 causes an economic collapse and social chaos.

Option #2 will never be invoked because it doesn’t enrich Big Pharma, since Big Pharma runs the media and the entire political establishment in D.C.

So this means we can choose either between mass coronavirus deaths or an economic collapse, and if Trump doesn’t handle this correctly, we will get both.

We can’t fix stupid… but we might be able to survive it

The difference between genius and stupidity, they say, is that genius has its limits. And since we can’t fix stupid, we must figure out how to survive among the masses of the stupid, making sure their stupidity and lack of planning doesn’t incapacitate everything in society upon which the rest of us depend.

If I could wave a magic wand and make all Americans instantly understand math, then half this problem would already be solved (and all waiters would get better tips). But that would be my own delusional fantasy, and I dare not entertain such fairy tales. Nope, there is no magical solution that will implant intelligence into the minds of the masses. Instead, we must be smart enough to survive the stupid.

For if we aren’t, they will take us with them as they collectively win the Darwin Award in the months ahead. Survival of the fittest applies during pandemics, too. And bluntly stated, our world is population by a whole lot of people who are too stupid to survive.

If you want to live, read Pandemic.news. If you prefer to perish, listen to the WHO and follow their (horrible) advice. Or trust Trump’s delusional non-plan that ends in disaster, both for the country and his own presidency. We are literally watching the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, and if he doesn’t change course very soon, he will lose the coming election or possibly even resign before it arrives.

Finally, for those who insist that any talk about the coronavirus is a plot to “hurt Trump,” stop being so stupid. The virus isn’t a hoax and Trump can’t stop this with happy talk. Unless you can halt the replication of the virus across the USA, everything else is just pure bullsh#t. Federal Reserve liquidity can’t raise people from the dead, you know. Negative interest rates don’t magically raise supply lines from collapse. Telling us, “America is great!” doesn’t make people immune to the virus. And when government morons like the Surgeon General tell us to “stop buying masks!” we’ve truly reached the point of Idiocracy where society is too stupid to survive.

Article written by Mike Adams for Natural News

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