Humiliation and Control: The Subtle Downfall of Society

May 23, 2024 | Economy | 0 comments

The collapse we face today is a gradual decline marked by increasing living costs, shrinking personal spaces, weakened social connections, declining job security, and a pervasive sense of inadequacy, driven by societal changes aimed at humiliating and dominating the population.

In the modern world, the word “collapse” makes people think of rapid, end-of-the-world events like those in “Dawn of the Dead.” But the truth is much more sneaky and slow, like the eerie lines in T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men.” This collapse isn’t marked by big riots or quick economic ruin. Instead, our daily lives and values are slowly falling apart.

The Quiet Decay of Everyday Life

Every day, little things cost a little more, and you might not even notice it at first. As homes get smaller, the places we live get smaller. Even though work hours are longer, pay is lower. Our bonds with family and friends get weaker over time, and our standards for everything, from food to relationships, slowly drop. Because job security isn’t as common as it used to be, our homes and ways of life are getting smaller. Fewer people get married and even fewer have children. People hold on to their things longer. The more difficult things in real life get, the more appealing it is to escape into technology and dream worlds.

Dreams that people used to have about their lives become distant memories as debt and poverty take their place. They get texts every day telling them they are not good enough and also telling them they are safe and doing well. This cognitive conflict is at the heart of the modern collapse—a state of serfdom in which people can’t see or feel what their real situation is.

Understanding the Current Political Situation: An Overview of Shame

In order to fully understand the current state of politics in the West, one must first realize that we are living under a type of foreign rule. Every part of society is affected by this job, which causes a lot of pain and problems. Their goal is not a traditional win, as they already got that a long time ago. Their acts are meant to make you feel bad instead.

Putting someone down is a strong weapon. It makes people lose their heart, will, and reason to fight. It takes away everything from them, even feeling. Throughout history, every occupier has used shame as a way to control and conquer. One example from history is how the Ottoman Empire trained non-Muslim boys called Köçek to be sexual objects and performers. The goal of this practice was to make the occupied feel completely helpless. Many people feel like they are being pushed to accept changes in society today, which is similar to the past.

The goal of these acts is clear: to make someone feel bad. The goal is to fully control the minds of those who have been conquered, whether that’s through changes in culture, economic policies, or social engineering. Things that make people angry and helpless, like pride parades, drag queens, and controversial medical practices, are always around to tell people that they can’t change anything. This constant state of shame makes it seem like fighting is pointless.

Final Thoughts

The breakdown we are facing now is not a sudden fall, but a slow slide into mediocrity and helplessness. It is marked by a slow decline in our living standards and a sneaky strategy of making us feel bad about ourselves. To see how bad things really are in our society and maybe even find a way to fight back and reclaim our humanity and respect, we need to understand this process.


Will we recognize the true state of our society and find a way to resist and reclaim our dignity and humanity before it’s too late? Leave a comment…


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