Governments Hoard Gold, Citizens Save Paper: Why?

Sep 15, 2022 | Debt, Economic Collapse, Monetary Education, Uncategorized

If you turn on the news you will see a variety of stories from the cold front hitting the east coast to the most recent verdict of the Micheal Brown trial in Ferguson, Missouri. What you will not hear is the latest news of the Netherlands repatriating 122 tons of gold back inside their boarders from the FED.

A few years ago when Germany decided it wanted to also bring back its private gold holdings stored in the New York Fed they were told “No”. They were not allowed to gain immediate access to their gold or for that matter even a chance to view it. What they were told was that we will give you some within the year and you will have to wait seven years for the rest.

As much of the latest events in the United States are a tragedy, they are minuscule in comparison to what’s happening globally. The mainstream news being reported and sopped up by American citizens, in my opinion, is one big smokescreen or diversion from what’s really going down.

If you really want to know what’s going down then turn off the mainstream news and find out what’s trending on the news globally. The biggest and most important subject is the global economy and how it’s faltering.

The best way to understand the title of this article about hoarding gold or paper money is based upon the actions of governments globally. Why governments have begun purchasing massive amounts of gold? Why are nations such as China and Russia purchasing massive amounts of gold while being painted as trouble makers and war starters by western media?

The answers to these questions will show that the global monetary policies put into effect by central banks are affecting the world’s money systems. These monetary policies have indebted nations to other nations as well as all the citizens of the world in an unfavorable way. While debt based policies are shaking up the world’s economy, you and I are being left with large amounts of personal debt and a diminishing asset known as the dollar.

In a recent article, Marine Le Pen, French Presidential nominee shared her concerns on why France needs to follow the lead of other top nations.

In an open letter sent to the Governor of the Banque of France, Christian Noyer, Marine expressed that a sense of urgency needs to be addressed for France to begin hoarding gold like China and Russia.   France Repatriates gold

In her open letter she stated that because ‘the rapid growth of global systemic risk, it is of utmost importance to the future solvency of our nation’, that they begin by mid-2015 auditing their nations gold. She went on to lay out a game plan and the reasons why the French needs to start re-positioning the nation’s reserves (or savings) into gold. In her reason for taking this stance she states, ‘”In monetary Cold War played between the Western countries and the BRICS countries, gold gradually takes an important role. According to the World Gold Council, China’s official gold reserves, India and Russia have increased significantly between 2007 and 2013.

We are now as Marine Le Pen puts it, “In a monetary Cold War“. This war is not the typical war with guns and troops, but governments against monetary policies enacted by central banks that are not working. While governments are fighting to get back their own gold and to purchase more gold for savings, citizens are unaware of its importance trying to save as much fiat currency as possible.

The bottom line of what’s going on globally is the economic certainty of the coming monetary meltdown. This meltdown is the day that an unsustainable increasing debt of governments and their citizens will come due. There is not enough wealth in the world to pay off these debts, so governments are looking for a hedge against their debt. Governments know the monetary history and importance of having something in their possession that can’t be printed or created by fraudulent policies. The common man or ordinary citizen on the other hand has no clue about money or its history, especially the importance of precious metals.

How else would we explain the secrecy of the repatriation by governments and the complete avoidance of the global economy by the mainstream news? The best way to keep the people uninformed is to keep them distracted by unimportant news.

Now is the time to wake up and learn about the pending monetary collapse.


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