Global Silver Supply Could Be Disrupted by Peruvian Politics

Jun 18, 2021 | Silver | 1 comment

Today we will look at the political situation in Peru as an unknown politician is on the verge of becoming the next president. Pedro Castillo, according to the FT, is the President in waiting and his rise to power could impact foreign mining companies in Peru as there are fears that he could follow a Marxist or communist path. With Peru being one of the top silver producers in the world and also having the biggest silver reserves of any country Mr. Castillo’s policies have the potential of impacting silver mining in a big way.

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    1 Comment

    1. William E. Burkenroad

      Mike & Mario;
      clear & concise! Real cultural & financial information that can allow us to watch & learn where people’s hearts lie…. i’ve been stacking silver & fractional gold since 2015 & now am turning some of it into title to ‘mud’ for residential development…

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