‘Global Mega Trends To 2030’ Forecasts Matrix-Like Automated Future

Dec 20, 2019 | News

Global Mega Trends to 2030, a recent report from the business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, paints a picture of an automated transhuman world.

The top trend is transhumanism, which will drive “technology-driven evolution at an unprecedented speed of change, propelling deeper questions into what it is to be human”.

Other trends identified in the report include an overall move to automation, virtual reality leading to a matrix-like “total reality-virtuality continuum, a rollout of 6G, and “ubiquitous connectivity anytime and anywhere by 2030”.

Here is a summary of the report:

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1. Transhumanism: Humanity is entering the rise of technology-driven evolution at an unprecedented speed of change, propelling deeper questions into what it is to be human.

2. Autonomous World: Autonomous applications could extend beyond warehouses to outside logistics with the industrial, aerospace, smart home infrastructure, and automotive industries becoming fully automated and intelligent.

3. Connected Living: Seamless integration of video, voice, and data services will provide access and ubiquitous connectivity anytime and anywhere by 2030.

4. Industry 5.0: With collaborative human-machine interaction, Industry 4.0 will begin to move towards Industry 5.0 in an iconic transition towards mass customization and extreme personalization.

5. Digital Reality as Frontier Technology: Augmented and virtual reality technology will begin evolving towards a total reality-virtuality continuum.

6. Complex Needs of a Heterogenous Society: A heterogeneous society will transform business models across a diverse set of industries.

7. Data as 21st Century Oil: Data will become as important as oil, reaching into previously unserved customer segments that help in opening up new revenue streams.

8. Era of Intelligent Digital Assistants: Intelligent assistants will optimize and personalize daily experiences across all activities and environments.

9. ‘Uberization’ of Industries: Peer-to-peer (P2P) services are expected to transform and penetrate several non-traditional applications.

10. Concept of ‘Zero’ World: A Mega Vision of a Zero concept world, which will urge companies to shift focus and develop products and technologies that innovate to zero.

11. Rise of Platform Economy: Digital leaders will consolidate efforts to build a diverse ecosystem, comprising of infrastructure on which platforms are built.

12. Zero Latency World: A world with no latency will emerge from ongoing advancements in 5G and the introduction of 6G by 2030, wherein millions of connected devices will interact in real-time at microsecond latency.

A pro-human renaissance could disrupt these trends and provide humanity with a chance to break free from technocratic tyranny.

Authored by Daniel Taylor via OldThinkerNews.com,

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