Global Financial Crisis II Is Upon Us

Feb 19, 2019 | News


Video interview between Jim Willie & Mark O’Byrne originated from (HERE)

Introductory topics include the Global Financial Crisis redux which has begun to blossom, nothing having been resolved or fixed since 2008, whereby the US Treasury Bond has become the global subprime bond, but while the US Dollar has lost its magic power as global safe haven, during the crisis which has hit both the sovereign bond sector and the corporate bond sector, threatening the entire Emerging Market debt which could be $8 or more trillion in size, at the same time rendering most banking systems as insolvent and most financial markets as rigged, during a powerful chronic economic recession primarily hitting the Western world…

O’Byrne goes on to describe the Gold Core business of precious metals purchase and delivery, but with the much bigger side of the business being secure vault service in several global locations, after having made distinctions regarding various locations for their jurisdiction differences…

– Event flow in the slowly erupting global financial crisis and what is to come for financial markets, bonds, banks including Wells Fargo and bankrupt governments in the UK, EU and US

– The brutal fate of paper wealth and assets including stocks, corporate and government bonds, US Treasuries and the “Third World” dollar with their inherent risk in the coming Global Monetary RESET

– US Treasuries are no longer a risk free asset and gold is the safer store of value in the Cashless Society as the US will either “formal default or restructure” the $22 trillion US debt and the $100 trillion plus of unfunded liabilities

– The coming COMEX gold defaults and collapse of the LBMA unallocated gold market. 

– The coming structural changes in the gold market and price discovery reverting to premiums on physical (kilo bars) in major gold trading, storage and liquidity centres such as Zurich, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai etc

– Asset allocation and the case for having much higher allocations to gold and silver as safe haven dollar and Treasuries are questioned due to the “Third World finances” of the dollar

– Asset allocation “more like 40% in gold and the rest in silver” Jim Willie says tongue in cheek

– Key information about owning gold and silver, coin and bar premiums, the safest vaults and the safest jurisdictions in the world

– Importance of having actual gold & silver coins and bars in your possession or having outright legal ownership of physical bullion in bailment, in allocated and segregated storage

– Be prepared as Global financial crisis (Part II) is “going to be much, much bigger”

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