The stock market is crashing and 👉 THE FED “PUT” ISN’T WORKING!! 👈 HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

The Federal Reserve has pulled out every four letter “solution” they have to prop up assets and the stock market. PDCF, MMLF, CPFF, and I’m sure I’m leaving out a few!!

What does this do to the Feds balance sheet and how will affect the US dollar? The Fed will likely print trillions over the next few months alone! If those currency units get into the real economy we could see hyperinflation.

I’m not saying it’s likely but the probabilities are far greater than 0%. Additionally, the Fed is basically putting every asset (equity and debt) on to their balance sheet.

If they pay 100 cents on the dollar and the loans they’re giving are 0% and these loans can be permanently rolled over, the Fed is basically buying stocks and bonds directly.

The questions are really what happens to the US dollar, does the US economy go into deflation or inflation? What happens to the price of gold, silver, real estate, and bitcoin?

It’s crucial you understand exactly what the Fed’s doing and how it will directly impact YOU and your financial future.

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