Fed Prints Money or the Whole Thing Blows Up – Craig Hemke

Aug 29, 2021 | Economic Collapse

Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says the Fed has all but said it was going to delay the so-called “taper” of easy money policies–forever.  This is why gold and silver spiked as the dollar tanked on Friday.  Hemke contends, “The Chinese, four months in a row, have been net sellers of Treasuries.

They’re not buying them.  Well, somebody has got to buy.  Congress just announced this week that they came to a deal where they are going to spend $4.1 trillion on what is allegedly called infrastructure.  The money has got to come from somewhere. There is this notion that they are just going to raise taxes on rich people.  Rich people are just going to change how they spend and do their taxes.  Who is going to loan us money?

It’s not going to be the Chinese or other foreign countries because they don’t have confidence in us anymore.  So, the money is going to come from somewhere.  Of course, the Fed is going to keep monetizing the debt because if they don’t, interest rates have got to rise to a point people are willing to loan it to the U.S.  If interest rates go to 3% or 5%, the whole thing blows up.”

Hemke points out, “All we can do is prepare for a time when this finally implodes because it will.  Confidence will eventually collapse.  Confidence is like Hemmingway’s explanation of how he went bankrupt.  He was asked, ‘How did you go broke?’  He said, ‘At first slowly, and then, all at once.’  Confidence gets chipped away a little bit at a time like what you are seeing in Afghanistan, and then, all at once.  That is eventually what is going to happen.

You’ve got to be using this time to prepare for that Econ 101 teaches you if you are increasing supply (of dollars) and decreasing the demand, the price falls and the dollar collapses.  Inflation spins out of control.  Then, you have to do all these other things to try to keep interest rates from going up.  All the plates start to collapse that Fed Head Powell is trying to spin.”

Hemke says all this dollar printing and interest rate suppression is a good thing for precious metals and a very bad thing for the U.S. dollar.  Hemke explains, “You’ve got people saying I don’t want to use the dollar anymore.  These are all significant consequences to everything that led up to the last three weeks, but now, the events of the last three weeks are spinning it that much faster.”

Hemke is still expecting gold and silver to close much higher by the end of the year.  How much higher is anyone’s guess?  There are some things you can count on, and Hemke predicts, “Covid is not going away. Confidence in the U.S. monetary system continues to get chipped away.  The taper is impossible.  The Fed not monetizing the debt is impossible, they have to. Prices of gold and silver are going to soar.”

Interview by Greg Hunter

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