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Jul 29, 2019 | News

Gold and cryptocurrencies can sometimes seem to be incomparable. Gold has always been the most trustworthy and widely spread asset in the world. Cryptocurrencies are new and seem unfamiliar to most of us. They are used only on the Internet, while gold is traded everywhere. Is it even possible to combine these two forms of wealth storage? 

Now it is. Some digital assets may be referred to as “digital gold,” but most of them have nothing to do with gold. Most of the cryptocurrencies are backed by just an idea or business model, but the launch of KaratGold Coin (KBC), an ERC-20 coin, created a new tendency – linking digital currencies to real gold. 

Unlike gold, the concept of money is creating serious concerns. Even in countries with relatively stable economies, many citizens are becoming worried about the real value of their money. The media “End of Cash” attacks and bombard constantly people’s minds. 

The concerns about the future of fiat money are not unfounded: in numerous countries, such as India, the substantial restrictions on the use of cash have become a reality. Overnight, 86 percent of the country’s rupee reserves were dismissed from circulation. The question has arisen: is eurozone next? 

Founded in 2011, Karatbars International GmbH is company ,headquartered in Stuttgart but more than 600,000 affiliates in more than 120 countries all around the world.  The founder, Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz, who is also the company’s CEO, concerns himself with a variety of products around the real value gold and blockchain solutions. In fact, these involve the distribution of small gold bars, cash gold – an alternative to traditional currencies – and two cryptocurrencies, the KaratGold Coin (KBC) and KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB). In October 2019 the company is launching the new Voice-Over-Blockchain Smartphone IMpulse K1-Phone which offers a user highly secure data transmission via blockchain protocol and end-to-end encryption. The company is now the leader at the market of innovative gold products with the annual turnover more than 100 million euros.

In these days the foundation of the future Golden Imperium is actively built. This Imperium is to become the stabilizing center of the world economy. It is now based on: KaratGold Coin, KaratPay System, KaratCoin Bank, Karatbit Exchange, K-Merchant, K1 Phone and CEM’s (Cashgold Exchange Machines). The launch of the numerous projects is planned for the current year.

Find out more on the Impulse K1 phone from Karatbars hhttps://youtu.be/NYR5YelKNNUere…

The Karatbars Universe gives users all the necessary services to trade and manage their funds. KaratBit offers a platform to exchange the cryptocurrencies for cash gold, US dollars, and euros. KaratPay gives a possibility to conduct business online and buy goods and services. KaratBit, KaratPay, K-Merchant and soon also the new IMpulse K1 Smartphone will produce revenues with every transaction made and the profit  goes right back into the gold reserves linked to the KaratGold Coin, which will foster the overall expansion and development of the Karatbars Universe. 

Giving the real gold coverage to a cryptocurrency and in this way creating a steady resistance to possible future crises, is a real innovation on cryptocurrency and blockchain market. KBC is linked to the price of CashGold, and each KBC equals a specific portion of  CashGold notes. In this way, KaratGold Coin ownership is remote gold ownership. KaratGold Coin gives consumers the opportunities which most of the fiat money cannot offer, such the possibility of anonymous transactions directly from user to user (peer-to-peer) without the participation of bank, quick and easy payments in online stores and point of sales. The KBC has been developed as a generally accepted electronic means of payment for all the people who consider gold a conventional, secure, and stable asset. 

The consumers can purchase the gold from the KaratPay,  e-wallet, and pay online using KaratPay in the same way as Paypal or credit card. In September 2019 Karatbars will operate on its own blockchain: KaratNet will be released. 

The whole system of KBC utilities was established to serve the needs of the customers.  Impulse K1 Phone, KaratBit Exchange, K-Merchant, CashGold, KaratNet, KaratPay, CashGold, GoldWorld, and ATM’s create a real Universe of cryptocurrency, payment facilities, innovative devices, and beneficial projects.

Karatbars International concerns itself with constant development through economic actions, social responsibility, environmental problems. The Karatbars’ philosophy is keeping promises. Undoubtedly, everything said will be done. Harald Seiz considers serving the clients’ interests the most important objective of his company. The management team works to implement all the ideas, improve the methods of work and bring real benefits to the company’s customers

Karatbars International is sure, that its ecosystem will become the leading financial system of the world in the next couple of years.

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