Exploring the Energy Transition With Ather Energy Corp.

Oct 22, 2023 | Mining Stocks

The mining industry plays a crucial role in supporting our economy and ensuring a high standard of living, particularly in industrialized and emerging nations. As the world undergoes an energy transition, securing the necessary minerals and resources becomes increasingly critical. In this blog, we’ll delve into an interview with Mr. Troy Boisjoli, CEO of Ather Energy Corp, a mineral exploration company, to gain insights into the global economy, geopolitical concerns, and the opportunities emerging in the energy sector.

The Importance of Investing in Exploration

Mr. Boisjoli highlights the significance of investing in exploration. He explains that future mines require substantial effort and time to transition into production. It’s crucial to invest in exploration now to secure the resources needed for the future. This perspective emphasizes the long-term importance of mining in our economy.

Exploring the Global Macro Economy

Mr. Boisjoli discusses the global macro economy, with a focus on energy. He distinguishes between conventional energy and the energy transition. In the energy transition, he points out the critical role of “critical minerals,” commodities required for low-to-zero carbon energy production, battery storage, and electrification of the economy. He warns that supply-demand gaps and production shortages across multiple commodities pose an existential risk.

The Interplay Between Uranium and Oil Prices

The interview touches upon the relationship between uranium and oil prices. Mr. Boisjoli notes that uranium is vital for clean energy, but higher uranium prices are required to incentivize exploration and production. He explains that while rising oil prices impact consumers directly, uranium’s small share of nuclear power production costs means that higher uranium prices don’t significantly affect the overall cost of clean energy production.

The State of Nuclear Energy in the U.S.

The conversation shifts to the status of nuclear energy in the United States. The U.S. is the largest consumer of uranium globally, necessitating a focus on securing uranium resources. Mr. Boisjoli mentions the extension of reactor lifespans and the emergence of small modular reactors, which offer a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to nuclear energy. He stresses the importance of nuclear power as a reliable base load energy source for achieving net-zero emissions goals.

Ather Energy Corp’s Role in Exploration

Ather Energy Corp’s CEO discusses the company’s role in uranium exploration. The Athabasca Basin in Canada is highlighted as a key location due to its exceptional geological characteristics, stability, and operational expertise. Ather Energy Corp holds a significant land position within the Athabasca Basin, making it a prominent player in uranium exploration.

Large-Scale Electromagnetic Results and Exploration Plans

The interview touches on the company’s recent large-scale electromagnetic program, the largest ever conducted in the Athabasca Basin. This program aims to collect baseline data and identify prospective areas for exploration. The results align with the company’s expectations, generating targets for future exploration. Ather Energy Corp plans to have drill-ready targets defined by the spring of 2024.

Investing in the Energy Space

For those interested in investing in the energy space, Mr. Boisjoli provides guidance. He distinguishes between producers, developers, and exploration companies, emphasizing the higher risk and potential reward associated with early-stage exploration companies. The exploration sector offers substantial growth potential if a company makes a significant discovery.

Getting In Touch with Ather Energy Corp

For those seeking more information on Ather Energy Corp, you can visit their website at atherenergy.com. The company is listed on the OTCQB under the ticker symbol SASKF and on the Canadian Stock Exchange with the symbol SASK.

In conclusion, Ather Energy Corp plays a crucial role in exploring and securing vital mineral resources, particularly uranium, for the clean energy transition. Their focus on the Athabasca Basin and commitment to exploration underscores the importance of investing in the future of our energy landscape. As the world continues to evolve, companies like Ather Energy Corp will be instrumental in shaping the future of sustainable energy production.

This video was conducted on behalf of Atha Energy Corp, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC and/or affiliates. For our full disclaimer, please visit: https://portal.goldstandardir.com/disclaimer/SASKF-27

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