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You have arrived at the most important step in feeding your curiosity about the dollar. If you have taken the Money IQ Quiz (Step 1) then I would imagine that there are a few things related to the dollar that you might not have known. Based upon your score you can gauge where you might rank among the population in terms of your own monetary literacy. The lower the score the less you might have known in reference to the history surrounding the dollar. The higher the score is a reflection of your familiarity with historical events in the United States of America. Regardless of your numerical score, the need to learn more about the dollar on an international scale has never been more important.

Now that you have been made aware of a few things, it’s time to dive into a more in-depth and shocking reality of the current status of all fiat based currencies globally. The dollar is not only a major concern in the United States but for the entire world. Every decision made here in the U.S.A monetarily will effect every nation on the planet.

Take the next step and become a member of the RTD community and get informed on all things monetarily related. Listed below are a few tools offered completely FREE to spark an interest in understanding the subject of money. More importantly, to get you to think about one of the most important subjects you were never taught in school.

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The Simplicity of Money

The 4 Money Lessons You Will Never Learn In School

The starting of any educational process is acquiring knowledge about an unknown subject. This eBook is written to help you understand the basics of money. This book will cover four very important concepts that will help you better understand money as a financial tool. (More Information…)

RTD Book of the Month Club

The best way to further your monetary education is to read books from those who are involved and specialize in money. Once a month you will receive a recommended book that will add to your on going wealth of knowledge. (More Information…

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