Commodities To Go Sky-high After Fed Backtracks

Jan 10, 2022 | Economic Collapse

The Bloomberg Commodity Index rose 27% in 2021, its best year in decades. Gold & silver sit at the crossroads of four of today’s biggest investment themes. Investors are concerned and trying to navigate their portfolios around inflation, the China contagion, energy & the Great Reset.

List of the articles mentioned in today’s RTD Live Talk:

Fed prepares to shrink $9tn balance sheet after pandemic largesse

Global financial markets hit by fears of US interest rate rise

10Y Treasury Yield Climbs To Almost 1.8% As Mortgage Rates Rise, Cryptos Bitcoin & Ethereum Having A Bad 2022

IMF says emerging economies must prepare for Fed policy tightening

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Silver to $35 Per Ounce Easily: The Technicals Are Irrefutable

No matter which angle you’re looking at it from – economics, chart technicals, or a combination of both – the bull case for silver is as powerful as ever. $35 will prove to be a key level, and after the bulls break through that, the $50 resistance point from 2011 will be next in line.


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