Death Blow To The Dollar

Death Blow To The Dollar

You can call it the Currency Cold War, and it’s taking place between the world’s two biggest economic superpowers: China and the United States. Right now, China is waging a digital currency battle against the primacy of the U.S. dollar, which is struggling to maintain...

Las Vegas Casinos’ Shares Drop

Article originally written by Todd Prince / Las Vegas Review-Journal (Here) Las Vegas casino stocks just can’t catch a break. After a phenomenal 2017, casino shares are among the worst performers in 2018. They have nearly given up all of last year’s gains. First it...

We Are On An Unsustainable Fiscal Path – Jerome Powell

  The article "The Fed’s Not Backing Off: Powell’s Standouts & Zingers at the Press Conference" originally appeared on Wolf Street (here) I have to say, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is a breath of fresh air when he talks, after the near-physical pain I...

The World’s Biggest Real-Estate Bubbles

  Article originally appeared on Bloomberg (here)  Most cities in UBS Group AG’s Global Real Estate Bubble Index are overvalued or at risk of a bubble, according to the Swiss bank’s 2018 report on housing prices. Chicago is the only undervalued housing market in...

Five Reasons to Rethink the Dollar

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