RTD Ep:81 ‘Developing the Egyptian Gold Frontier’ – Mark Campbell (CEO of Aton Resources)

Mar 23, 2023 | Monetary Education


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To find out more about Aton Resources and the information discussed during the interview: https://www.atonresources.com/

For more investor information on the recent exploration results from the Rodruin prospect:

RTD Interview Questions:
1. Please share a little of your background and how you became CEO of a gold exploration company?
2. What’s the importance of having a exploration company like Aton Resources in light of major companies with depleting reserves?
3. Why should the RTD listeners consider investing in a gold exploration company?
4. What’s some important factors about the mining jurisdiction in Egypt?
5. What is the Rodruin project and how did the area get the name, “Legendary Lost Mountain of Gold?
6. Share with the audience some of your most recent drill results and the future expectations?
7. How is the resource infrastructure in regards to water, electricity and the labor force for your Rodruin and Abu Marawat concession?

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