As The Store Shelves Empty It Is Time to Get Back To The Basics

Mar 16, 2020 | World News

Could You Bake Your Own Breads Or Feed Yourself Without A Grocery Store?

ANP has been receiving a number of reader images showing how bad things are getting in most areas across the country due the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Shelves emptied of water, paper products, canned goods, meat sections, produce, cleaning products and more. We have also been getting firsthand eyewitness reports in the comment section of the conditions in local establishments and being reported on their local news.

Certain patterns are emerging that show how important it is that Americans, especially younger Americans, learn from the older generation, and we all get back to the basics so this type of panic shopping and freakout, does not happen again in an emergency situation.

Bread for example:  In one discussion folks were talking about having bread, some frozen for future use should the grocery stores not be able to stock up anymore, or keep up with the demand. Others discussed digging out those old bread recipes because it is very easy to make your own.

The younger crowd, the millennial-aged population most likely wouldn’t have a clue as to what is needed, how to make it or even how to store it.

The stark contrast between watching our prepping community discussing pulling out their old recipes and looking at the images of empty bread shelves, like the one at the top of this article, really brings the “getting back to basics” point home.

We have seen younger teens that cannot even use a manual can opener…. I. Kid. You. Not.  Do a YouTube search, plenty of them come up, or even just watch the short painful-to-watch clip below.

Now imagine the same type of young person having to fend for themselves without a grocery store, or attempting to make their own bread for a sandwich, well, that is IF they can open a can of anything to put on said sandwich!

(ANP Reader Image – TN Walmart Canned Goods, March 2020)


As we are hearing from some readers, their family members, the sames ones that mocked them or or ignored them previously when they spoke of “prepping,” are now finding empty shelves and starting to acknowledge the need for “some” preparations.

Our ancestors knew how to take care of themselves and their families without the modern conveniences, and it is time the younger generations learn the basics of survival.

Since we discussed bread up above, we’ll start with making your own bread, either with yeast, or even without, both are very easy and use ingredients that are still fairly easy to obtain since folks are focusing more on “toilet paper” than food

Once again the older generation most likely has the ingredients already in their homes, while it is quite possible and even probable that some of the ingredients aren’t even known to most millennials, and expecting them to have them in their homes would be a lesson in futility.

Now imagine these same people having to also grind their own flour to make the breads and other foods. I would be willing to bet that some of the younger generations do not even know that you can make your own flour.

Ingredients for bread using yeast:

Active Dry Yeast (1 Packet), FlourSugar, Warm Water, SaltOil

Without Yeast:

Floursugarbaking powderbaking soda, water, vinegar (cider or white), butter.

(Note- The ingredients are linked above to order for delivery.)

The instructions for both are online (linked above), but the actual ingredients will start to dwindle from the store shelves, and in some cases, like with sugar, already has from some.  That is where delivery comes in handy, especially for those that simply do not want to go out in the public, where other people are, while COVID-19 is still spreading.

(ANP Reader Image [JJ] – TN Walmart Canned Goods, March 2020)

Breads can be used in a variety of ways, add some peanut butter, powdered butter to rehydrate and slather on the breads, any sandwich type canned meats and fish to spread, making french toast, dipping it in soups or stews, or any other number of ways that bread can be used to keep the stomach full and nutrients getting in the body.

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


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